Feb Time Trial Review

Time Trial / Swim Meet Results
If you would like to follow results from our time trials or eventually swim meets, please make sure you have the Meet Mobile and Ondeck apps. Meet Mobile is an app that follows results from any of our meets where we use electronic timing. Results will be displayed as they become official during the competition, so it is a great way to stay updated. Ondeck is an app that is linked to our website, you can use it to view all best times, uploaded videos of your swimmer, view our calendar and other information. Please make sure to keep in mind that best times are not the only outcome of a race, it is most important for swimmers to be learning from each race experience!

Hollyburn February Time Trial Review
As we get into a big stretch of racing over the next two weeks our Time Trial on Saturday afternoon was a really great way to start! Our Monsoon and Swim Academy swimmers continue to impress as they gain more experience racing and managing themselves through our competitions. Swimmers in Tsunami, Typhoon and Pursuit focused on sprinting and then raced their first 400m Individual Medley of the year or life.

We were very excited to have both Tiam and Hannah take part in their first Time Trial! They both raced 25m events and did a great job focusing on their push-offs and putting in a big effort! Rohan, Chelsea and Holly all raced some 50m events for the first time and were fantastic working on their second length! Harris, Pippa and Evan swam their first official 200m Individual Medleys with great results, pushing through the butterfly and then continuing to reach in the rest of their strokes. Cameron, Calais, Zoe, Vincent, Nika and Lily all took off time in their 200m Individual Medleys in their second attempt of the event, a great sign from their training over the past month! Both Cameron and Lily are within a couple seconds of breaking the four minute mark! Really fun to see the improvement!

The swimmers in the older groups swam a lot in their two hour time trial. Warm-up, sprint 50, cool-down/warm-up, sprint 100, cool-down/warm-up, race 400m Individual Medley. As we go through the next two weeks of racing, swimmers will have more time before racing and be able to set up events a little easier. Much like we would do at a normal swim meet, swimmers will go through each racing opportunity looking for positives and what to improve for their next time off the blocks. These two weeks are replacing what would normally be 3-4 day swim meets at Divisional Champs and Provincial Champs, the racing is just more spread out. The swimmers are still learning how to manage themselves during warm-ups, pre-race, while racing and post-race to make the most of each opportunity. The same skills we would be working on in our regular swim meet environment. Best times are great and probably a little more motivating but we want to be learning and putting ourselves in a position to improve the next time off the block. Figuring out what works in warm-ups and pre-race to set up for big performances. It’s not always going to be an upward trajectory, working through little set backs is where swimmers determine how much they can get out of the sport. This year is different than any other year of being on a swim team, always racing in the same environment is tough mentally. The goal is to make the most of it and put our team in a position to be as competitive as possible once we return to competitions.

Congratulations to Garrick, Stella, Emma, Phillipa, Ally and Marcus who all completed their first 400m Individual Medley at the Time Trial (as well as Saige and Atria who raced the event on Thursday to make up for missing it)! The event was hanging over everyone during the rest of the meet, one of the mental skills we need to focus on. After the 400m IM most swimmers were asking when they could swim it again, wanting to improve their time and realizing they could wrap their heads around it. We also had some really great racing from Tristan and Henry who continue to knock off impressive amounts of time in their events. Evelyn raced in her first meet of the year and it was great to have her back with the team!

We will hold a lot of racing opportunities over the next two weeks in practice and at our more official time trial settings on Saturdays. All practices will still go ahead as planned, they will just have a focus on setting up races and then getting on the blocks.  
Monday-Thursday, March 1-4 – in practice racing including Divisional Champs – Pursuit/Typhoon
Saturday, March 6 – 6:45-9:00am Time Trial – Pursuit/Typhoon/Tsunami (no training for Monsoon)
Monday-Thursday, March 8-11 – in practice racing including Provincial Champs – Pursuit/Typhoon
Saturday, March 13 – 3:45-7:00pm Time Trial – Pursuit/Typhoon/Tsunami/Monsoon/Swim Academy 2

100% Best Times
Henry B, Cameron C, Rohan C, Zoe D, Garrick G, Vincent G, Nika G, Tiam G, Harris H, Chelsea L, Ally M, Holly M, Pippa M, Hannah T, Lily T, Evan Z

New Team Records
13-14 Boys
25.15 – 50m Freestyle – Tristan Govier (was Aidan Smith 25.51 2017)
54.47 – 100m Freestyle – Tristan Govier (was Aidan Smith 56.32 2017)

New Time Standards

SwimBC Divisional Championships
Henry Brewster                 400m Individual Medley
Nicole Jones                       50m Breaststroke

SwimBC Provincial Championships
Tristan Govier                    100m Freestyle