Surfside Board Meeting Minutes

Surfside Board Meeting Minutes

February 25, 2021

7:00 pm

  1. Call to Order
  1. President’s Report – Case Spencer
  • Redondo Union pool:
  • Looks like it may open in a month.
  • Surfside will have the same days and times (Tues/Thurs 6-8pm).
  • Because this is an earlier time (than at Costa), the Board anticipates it will be popular especially with the C group.
  • We will have six lanes from 6-7pm and three lanes from 7-8pm. With two swimmers per lane, this allows 12 swimmers in the first hour and six swimmers in the second hour.
  • The Board thinks the C group should swim 6-6:55pm and the B group should swim from 7-8pm.
  • One coach can handle this size group (12 swimmers the first hour and 6 in the second hour).
  • Case is going to reach out to coaching staff to see if available and if able to get certifications done by the time the pool opens.
  • Case is going to follow-up with the pool manager to see if Surfside can get more lanes.
  1. Head Coach Issues – John York
  • Absent
  1. Treasurer – David McDaniel
  • We are currently in the red.
  • Surfside is charging per workout: $10 – B/C group, $12 – A/B group, $14 – A/Senior group.
  • Having two per lane should increase income.
  • The Board wants to eventually get back to charging quarterly fees, not per workout.
  1. Membership - Michelle Brill, Kelley Mayeda
  • There is a Covid waiting list of 30 Surfside members who would like to swim now.
  • Kelley has invited 10 swimmers back.
  • Kelley will continue to invite swimmers from the Covid waiting list back as space in the different groups become available. Currently there is room in the A/Seniors workout, so Kelley will invite those swimmers to return.
  • After the swimmers from the Covid waiting list have been invited back, Kelley will invite the non-active members to return as space becomes available.
  • Surfside currently has a waiting list of approximately 150 people. Tryouts will happen when the pool situation goes back to normal.
  1. Meet/sign up coordinator – Drew Davidoff
  • Drew will continue to coordinate the weekly sign-ups for the Mira Costa pool.
  • Michelle will coordinate the weekly sign-ups for the Redondo pool.
  1. Secretary - Eileen Brown
  • Nothing new.
  1. New Business
  • Next Board meeting: Monday, March 8.
  • Meeting Adjourned.