JV swimmers finish season with good performances and best times

JV swimmers finish season with good performances and best times

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Minnetonka’s JV swimmers competed against Wayzata at the JV Championship dual meet on Tuesday, March 4 at the Minnetonka Aquatic Center. Skippers swam and dove well, as Minnetonka athletes placed first in swimming events, and the majority of events resulted in best-in-season times.

In the 200 Yard Medley Relay, Carter Lawin, Sean Studenski, Nolan Trinh and Drew Eichhorn were first to the wall in 1:43.21. JJ Ose, Daniel Shelstad, Graham Muench, and Cole Mizutani were second swimming 1:44.49, while Nathan Sun, Isaac McFall, Vikranth Kurup and Jayanth Kurup were fourth swimming 1:52.00 and Mitchell Lesage, Jameson Michels, Theodore Paulson-Luna and Nicolas Quintana were fifth with a time of 1:53.41.

Ryan Fries won the 200 Yard Freestyle swimming 1:52.53, followed by William Anderson in second place swimming 1:54.23 and Noah Fu in third swimming 1:55.48. Myonghai Choi placed fifth swimming 1:58.94. James Lund, Kai Peterson, Ramin Mirza and Boden Larson placed seventh through tenth with times of 2:01.30, 2:01.47, 2:02.34, 2:03.26.

Lawin won the 200 Yard IM swimming 2:07.30, just ahead of teammate Mizutani in second swimming 2:07.66. McFall was third swimming 2:08.39, and Michel fifth with a time of 2:27.79.

In the 50 Yard Freestyle, Studenski led the Skippers by tying for first place in 23.80. Quintana was third swimming 24.07, Trinh fourth swimming 24.29, Lesage sixth in 25.16, Spencer Tabor seventh swimming 26/59, and Paulson-Luna rounding out the top eight in 27.32. Thomas Guggisberg and Steven Ose placed tenth and eleventh swimming 31.15 and 33.85.

Witte won the 100 Yard Butterfly swimming 53.39, followed by Jayanth Kurup in second place swimming 54.07, Muench third swimming 55.77, and Choi fourth swimming 55.81. Mirza’s time of 1:03.09 placed him seventh, ahead of Vikranth Kurup in either place swimming 1:03.98 and Lund in ninth place with a time of 1:04.04.

Eichhorn won the 100 Yard Freestyle swimming 50.66. Shelstad was second swimming 51.97, Quintana fourth swimming 52.19, and JJ Ose fifth in 52.85. Sun was tenth with a time of 55.98; Guggisberg was twelfth swimming 1:13.54; and Steven Ose finished thirteenth in 1:14.93. 

Fries won his second individual event swimming 5:07.76 in the 500 Yard Freestyle. Larson was third swimming 5:33.60, and Tabor fifth swimming 6:04.23.

In the 200 Yard Freestyle Relay, Minnetonka’s “A” team of Witte, Choi, Fu and Trinh won swimming 1:35.90. Shelstad, Eichhorn, Jayanth Kurup and Ryan Fries were third swimming 1:37.25, and McFall, Michels, Mizutani and Lund fourth swimming 1:41.63. In seventh place, Tabor, Steven Ose, Guggisberg and Larson swam 2:02.75.

Lawin claimed his second individual win in the 100 Yard Backstroke, swimming 56.64. Anderson was second swimming 59.73, with JJ Ose third swimming 1:00.99, Peterson fourth swimming 1:01.89, Paulson-Luna fifth swimming 1:02.04, Lesage 1:03.87, and Sun seventh swimming 1:05.05. Vikranth Kurup placed ninth swimming 1:07.44.

Studenski won the 100 Yard Breaststroke swimming 1:04.82, followed by McFall’s 1:07.67 edging Shelstad, who swam 1:07.84 for second place. Eichhorn’s swim of 1:13.17 gave him eighth place, with Michels finishing in ninth with a time of 1:13.64.

In the 400 Yard Freestyle Relay, Lawin, Anderson, Fries and JJ Ose won swimming 3:40.19. Larson, Quintana, Peterson and Choi were second swimming 3:41.65, while Lund, Sun, Fu, and Studenski were third with a time of 3:44.37. Mirza, Lesage, Vikranth Kurup and Tabor were fifth swimming 3:52.00, and Trinh, Guggisberg, Steven Ose, and Paulson-Luna seventh swimming 4:24.04.

In diving, Chase Garcia placed second with 278.40 points.

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