Munster Time Trial Recap

Congrats to all of the CWAC swimmers that made it out to Munster for their time trial on Monday evening.  For many this was their first meet outside of UIC in over a year!  Even with a delayed start the Pack came out strong and had many best times and new standards achieved.  The results can be found below are posted on meet mobile.  The recording of the meet is likely on their YouTube chanel as well.

New State Times - Kale Chow (1), George Ivascu (1), Eliana King (2), Archer Merrick (1), Briana Minguang (2), John Spellers (1), Colleen Tracy (2)

New Regional Times - Mariposa Arroyo (1), Joy Cheng (2), Ben Del Cid (1), Quinn Do (1), Efuru Harmon-Miller (3), James Kieswetter (2), Daniel Magana (2), Caro Polsky (1), Danny Scott (1), Logan Shields (1), Noah Tikoo (1), Jaslyn Wu (1)

Click here for meet results