March 6 Time Trial Results

Our swimmers in Pursuit, Typhoon and Tsunami did a lot of racing over the past week. For those who were qualified, results were within the performance window of the SwimBC Virtual Divisional Championships, they were compiled and sent to SwimBC for all of our qualifying swims. We will see where out swimmers end up in the results once they are available.

Tristan and Henry continue to lead the way with getting the most out of racing in time trials and practices. They almost always race to best times by rising to the challenge of each race, going out aggressively and not being afraid of putting it all on the line. They both swam incredible 1500m swims, racing to best times and team records. Henry went out his best 400m Freestyle and 800m Freestyle on his way to a team record time of 17:39. Tristan went out his best 400m Freestyle time and just missed his 800m Freestyle before finishing with an incredible record time of 16:59! They both swam well through all four strokes and were up for any challenge. Henry took off 10 seconds in his 200m Butterfly in the same session he swam the 1500m Freestyle! Tristan was focused to reset all of our 14&under team records and through the week broke the records in the all four strokes and is now just two events away from having all of the times! Tristan also broke a minute in the 100m Backstroke, very impressive at 14 years old!

Everyone had their moments through the week though! A few great ones…
Stella was so great in her 200m Breaststroke, really figured out how to swim it, dropped 10 seconds and made it look easier! She also had so much speed in her 50s and swam to a big best in the 200m Backstroke.
Brooke really did well in her 100m events, really holding her speed in the second half of her 100m Butterfly and 100m Backstroke for impressive improvements!
Claire had big drops in her 100m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke, 200m Freestyle and 50m Breaststroke by just going for it right off the blocks!
Ally had an incredible 100m Freestyle racing well under the Divisional Time racing it the right way, within a second of her 50m time on the first 50!
Olivia re-swam her events from the previous weekend and was so much better! Brought down all of her splits in the 400m Individual Medley and raced to her best time in a year in the 100m Butterfly!
Emma did a fantastic job in her butterfly to start her 200m Individual Medley, resulting in a best time by over eight seconds!
Natalie swam to her best time twice in the 50m Freestyle after setting that time two years ago!
Saige had a huge improvement in her 100m Freestyle and lowered her breaststroke times!
Sarah lowered her time in the 50m Backstroke multiple times and had a great 100m Freestyle!
Atria went out fast in her 200m Backstroke and held on for a strong best time!
Mia was so great in 100m Freestyle and 100m Backstroke really lowering her time with great strokerate throughout her race!
Marcus had a really important drop in his 200m Breaststroke, racing to the divisional time and under 3:20 for the first time! He also had a big swim in his 100m Freestyle!
Tyler got up and smashed his best times in the 50m Freestyle and 50m Butterfly! 

This week we will race more before resetting with some time off over spring break.
Monday-Thursday, March 8-11 – in practice racing including Provincial Champs – Pursuit/Typhoon
Saturday, March 13 – 3:45-7:00pm Time Trial – Pursuit/Typhoon/Tsunami/Monsoon/Swim Academy 2

100% Best Times
Henry B

New Team Records
13-14 Boys
16:59.09 – 1500m Freestyle – Tristan Govier (was Josh DeCoteau 17:22.91 2019)
59.60 – 100m Backstroke – Tristan Govier (was Tristan Govier 1:01.13 2021)
34.70 – 50m Breaststroke – Tristan Govier (was Aidan Smith 35.94 2017)
1:14.46 – 100m Breaststroke – Tristan Govier (was Aidan Smith 1:18.80 2016)
2:47.03 – 200m Breaststroke – Tristan Govier (was Aidan Smith 2:49.75 2017)
26.28 – 50m Butterfly – Tristan Govier (was Tristan Govier 27.42 2020)
2:14.57 – 200m Individual Medley – Tristan Govier (was Josh DeCoteau 2:21.29 2018)
15&over Boys
9:24.71 – 800m Freestyle – Henry Brewster (was Colby Evans 9:34.29 2012)
17:39.26 – 1500m Freestyle – Henry Brewster (was Josh DeCoteau 17:59.75 2019)

New Time Standards

SwimBC Divisional Championships
Henry Brewster                 50m Freestyle, 50m Breaststroke, 100m Breaststroke, 200m Individual Medley
Claire DeCoteau                50m Breaststroke
Stella Harris                        50m Backstroke, 200m Breaststroke
Brooke Johannson           100m Butterfly
Alessandra McCready     100m Freestyle
Tyler Winsborrow            50m Butterfly
Marcus Zhou                      200m Breaststroke  

SwimBC Provincial Championships
Tristan Govier                    50m Breaststroke, 100m Breaststroke