Hey Lake Sharks, is it summer yet?!

Days like today, make it seem like summer is just around the corner.
That said, there's still a lot from a league standpoint that needs to be worked out but league representatives are all eager to get back to summer swim!
Between the start of the season and now, it is unclear if we will be swimming like we did last year or 2019 or something in between. Coach Miranda and I created a practice schedule geared toward "something in between" and I've included the tentative schedule below. Should sign ups in age groups be lopsided, we'll readjust the schedule, but we just wanted to give you a feel for what it will look like but the finalized schedule will have to wait until May.
First Swim Practice: June1
(for kickboarders/ learn to swim: first practice is when we switch to morning practices. Date that we switch to morning practice tbd)
End of Season: August 1st (if not swimming in champs/ peach bowl, last meet July 24th)
Practice Schedule:
School Day Practice Schedule: 4:30pm-8pm, M-F
9-12 year olds: 4:30pm-5:30pm
7-10 year olds: 5:30pm-6:15pm
13-18 year olds: 6:15pm-8pm
5-8 Kickboarders/ Learn to Swim: No practice until we switch to mornings.
Summer Morning Schedule: Start Date TBD
13-18: 7:55am-9:30am
9-12: 9:30am-10:30am
7-10: 10:30am-11:15am
5-8 Kickboarder/ Learn to Swim:  11:15-11:55
Note About Practice Groups/ Times:
You'll notice that there are age range overlaps in some of the groups and we did this to try allow advanced swimmers to swim up to get a better practice, and first timers that are 10 and younger to have a less intimidating start.
5-8 Kickboarder time slot is for 40 min and we may break that into 20 min groups/ limit attendance to 3x a week.
Head Coach: Miranda Coughlan
Assistants: Coach Bill (he's back!), Coach Ashley, and Coach Maria
Coach Skinner Retires from Head Coaching:
Coach Skinner has officially switched back into a managerial position, so although he likely won't be on deck everyday, he will still be helping out with the team. It was incredibly helpful last year to have Coach Skinner back as a manager and I know it was a welcomed change for Coach as well (particularly for getting in some much deserved tee times).
Coach Miranda Back As Head Coach:
I was really happy when Coach Skinner brought Miranda on board as an assistant. Over the years it became apparent that she would be the coach of the future, if we could only hold on long enough without her being scooped up by another club. I thought she did a great job last year and I'm really excited about her vision for the team going forward.
Spring Dry-Land Warm Up Interest:
Today Coach Miranda posted a flyer in the swim team facebook page for a new dry-land spring warm up that she plans to host at Lake Kandle in May.
For those that don't do spring sports or just want to increase their cardiovascular endurance before the season, Coach Miranda plans to meet at the lake 3x a week for ages 11-18. If there is significant interest from younger groups, she may do another time slot.
May 3-May 27
Mon, Tues, Thurs
Ages 11-18
$100 per participant
Miranda's Contact Info For More Info:
Thanks for reading, Lake Sharks! Looking forward to posting more updates as we get closer to the start of the season!
Jace Kandle