March 13 Time Trial Review

Our last big week of racing before spring break built towards our Hurricanes Time Trial on March 13. I can’t say enough about how fun it has been the past two plus weeks to see the swimmers get on the blocks and really put in great efforts. The efforts has resulted in an incredible amount of best times, we’ve really made the most of the past few months of training. It’s not always easy racing a lot. Hitting best times in events that you are racing multiple times is really hard. The goal is to always put in your best effort, always learn something from the race and most importantly motivate yourself in training after the race to make improvements. Missing best times can often be better in the long run as long as swimmers are focused to put in the work to make a difference the next time they are off the blocks!

SwimBC Divisional Championships Meet Results are posted on the SwimBC website! See the full results here:

Results from this week were eligible for SwimBC Virtual Winter Provincial Championships. Tristan did an outstanding job stepping up and racing every afternoon. Setting personal bests in the 100m Freestyle, 200m Freestyle, 400m Freestyle, 50m Backstroke, 200m Backstroke, 100m Butterfly and 400m Individual Medley! That is a lot of high performance racing. Tristan now owns every Hollyburn 14&under team record for short course meters and it’s really too bad we haven’t had a chance to race long course. It’s hard to rank Tristan’s best races so far this year, but improving his 100m Butterfly with a time of 58.12 is a really great swim! He also bettered his 200m Backstroke to a time of 2:07.77 and 200m Freestyle to a time of 1:58.64. Super solid racing for a 14 year old.
Olivia also had great swims in the 100m Butterfly and 200m Butterfly that will be a part of Provincial Championships! Josh swam the 50m Freestyle for his Provincial Championships entry.

As always, we had some great Individual Medley swims. Anya and Julia both swam their first 100m Individual Medleys! In the 200m Individual Medley, Vincent really pushed hard in his fly and back to take off 12 seconds! Nika had a big drop of eight seconds! Pippa improved by eight seconds! Very exciting to see our Monsoon swimmers closing in on the four minute mark to qualify for Lower Mainland Region meets. Mia raced to a fantastic improvement of 16 seconds!

A few great swims that need to be mentioned. Marcus went out close to his best 100m Freestyle time in his 200m Freestyle to finish with a time under 2:40! Atria had a great finish in her 200m Backstroke to add the event to her Divisional Championships standards! Evelyn had a really strong 200m Freestyle for the first time that she raced the event! Ally kept her swim cap on and powered her way to a big best time in the 400m Freestyle! Nicole broke 40 seconds for the first time in the 50m Breaststroke after being very close multiple times! Phillipa had a really strong swim in her 100m Backstroke to drop 12 seconds! Brooke’s 200m Backstroke was really well swum, she kept all of her splits close and continues to take off time! Harris had a big effort in his 50m Freestyle to just miss breaking a minute! Stella had a big 15 second drop in the 200m Freestyle with strong power strokes! Nika took off eight seconds in her 100m Freestyle from two weeks ago! Evan raced to a best time in his 100m Freestyle! Garrick had a fantastic meet, breaking three minutes in the 200m Freestyle and a really impressive 100m Backstroke! Zoe raced to her best 100m Freestyle time! Henry continues to set best times with a really strong 200m Butterfly and big drop in the 100m Backstroke! Tyler rose to the occasion in his 50m Freestyle, breaking 26 seconds for the first time! Claire had a really amazing time trial, improving with big drops in her 200m Backstroke, 100m Breaststroke and 50m Butterfly! Claire qualified all three events for Divisional Championships for the first time!

We had a big night of 400m Freestyles for the Typhoon and Pursuit swimmers. Most of the swimmers haven’t swam 400m Freestyle since September and we saw some really big drops in time! Marcus took off 35 seconds! Sarah dropped 22 seconds! Saige knocked off 25 seconds! Brooke improved by 23 seconds! Ally took off 18 seconds despite losing her swim cap on the first 50! We also had Stella and Atria swim their first 400m Freestyles! Henry has been racing a lot of distance events and continues to improve his best times! Tristan had an incredible swim ending in a time of 4:13.94! This event really shows the effects of training and it was great to see everyone be so successful!

Right now, everyone has a very well deserved break. When we’re back in the water we will start building towards racing at the end of June and early July! It will be very exciting to see where we can get to over the next few months after the last few weeks of exciting racing!

100% Best Times
Anya A, Claire D, Garrick G, Vincent G, Nika G, Stella H, Julia J, Pippa M, Evelyn W,

New Team Records
13-14 Boys
54.44 – 100m Freestyle – Tristan Govier (was Tristan Govier 54.47 2021)
1:58.64 – 200m Freestyle – Tristan Govier (was Tristan Govier 1:59.33 2020)
4:13.94 – 400m Freestyle – Tristan Govier (was Aidan Smith 4:23.54 2017)
27.92 – 50m Backstroke – Tristan Govier (was Tristan Govier 28.22 2021)
2:07.77 – 200m Backstroke – Tristan Govier (was Tristan Govier 2:12.98 2021)
58.12 – 100m Butterfly – Tristan Govier (was Tristan Govier 59.84 2020)
2:13.39 – 200m Butterfly – Tristan Govier (was John Hollands 2:22.07 2013)
4:48.72 – 400m Individual Medley – Tristan Govier (was Josh DeCoteau 5:03.36 2018)
15&over Boys
9:23.89 – 800m Freestyle – Henry Brewster (was Henry Brewster 9:24.71 2021)

New Time Standards

SwimBC Divisional Championships
Henry Brewster                 50m Backstroke, 100m Backstroke
Claire DeCoteau                200m Backstroke, 100m Breaststroke, 50m Butterfly
Tyler Winsborrow            50m Freestyle
Atria Zehtab                       200m Backstroke

SwimBC Provincial Championships
Tristan Govier                    50m Breaststroke, 100m Breaststroke