2021 NHSA meet wrap up

The results are in from the NHSA champs meet this past weekend and the Sailfish had pretty good weekend of swimming! The meet was much smaller in scale than usual because several of the teams in our league were not able to swim this season as a result of the COVID situation. Of the 14 teams in the league, only 6 went to the meet. Because of this, the meet was a little different in format this year and it was not scored. Still, despite all of the changes, the Sailfish rose to the challenge and swam pretty well, with almost everyone posting at least one PR and most swimmers posting several. This meet is normally scored to 16 places but with the much smaller swimmer load, the top 12 were considered scoring finishes even though points weren’t counted and medals and ribbons were not awarded.  
I’ll run through each age group and mention the top 12 finishes in each as well as PRs for the swimmers.

For the 8 & unders we had Evelynn Maynard-McCanless swimming for us and she had a pretty good meet, placing in the top 12 in all her events, with a  7th in the 25 back, 9th in the 25 breast and 10th and a PR in the 25 free. Nice going Evelynn!

The 9-10 age group had Ruby Emerson, Molly Key, Ava Popielarz and Levi Stockwell wearing the Sailfish cap with Ruby swimming to two PRs (100 IM & 50 breast) and getting 11th in the 100 IM. Way to go Ruby! Molly had pretty good meet too, with 3 PRs in the 50 free, back & breast with an 8th place finish in the 50 breast. Nice swimming Molly! Ava also had a good meet, swimming to three top 12 spots in the 50 breast (4th), the 50 free (6th) and 50 back(11th). She recorded PRs in the free and breast Nice job Ava! Levi put up some good swims as well, with top 12 finished in all 4 of his events, grabbing PRs in the 50 back (6th), 50 breast (6th) and 50 free (9th). He also swam to 11th in the 100 free. Nice going Levi!

For the 11-12 Age group we had Maise Emerson, Grace Howe, Jaeden Kennedy and Cindy Thomas in the pool with Maise swimming to 2 PRs in the 50 back and the 200 IM where the dropped over 28 seconds! Way to go Maise! Grace did her usual good job with 3 out of 4 events in the top 12. She had two notable swims at this meet, swimming her first 200 free (7th) and becoming a member of the “under 30 club” in the 50 free (9th), going under 30 for the first time in that event with a nice swim of 29.91. She also placed 6th in the 50 breast. Nice going Grace! Jaeden had a couple of nice swims too with PRs in both the 50 back and 50 breast. Nice work Jaeden! Cindy also had 2 PRs with a huge 15+ second drop in her 50 fly and a PR in the 50 breast as well. Way to go Cindy!

Our 13-14 Group had a pretty good meet and those swimmers were Madilyn Adler, Lauren Green, Margot Kennedy, Lily Peterson, Thanida Thomas, Ella Wineriter and Madeline Wineriter. Madilyn Adler showed her freestyle prowess with 3 strong freestyle swims, the 500 where she dropped over 40 seconds (!!) with a very nice swim, the 50 & 100 free, where she placed 12th in both and had PRs in each as well! Nice work Maddy! Lauren swam the 500 free which was a good consistent swim for her. Margot saw 2 PRs and one top 12 finish in her events, the 100 breast (11th) and the 50 free. Good job Margot! Lily came to swim, posting top 12 finishes in all four of her events, the most exciting was the 100 free where she placed 4th and broke the minute for the first time with a great swim of 59.94. She also racked up PRs in the 200 free and her 200 breast time trial. Nice work Lily! Thanida grabbed PRs in all three of her events and placed 11th in the 200 IM. Nice swimming Thanida! Ella grabbed a 12th place spot and a PR in the 200 IM and she also got a PR in the 500 free with a nice 13+ second drop in that event. Nice work Ella! Her sister Madeline had a pretty good meet as well, showing PRs in all 4 of her events. She started off the meet on a high note by dropping over 25 seconds in the 500 on Friday night. She followed that up with PRs in the 200 free, 100 breast and 50 free. Great job Madeline!

Our 15-19 swimmers were Rayya Burns, Sydney Green, Becca Klements, Sarah McCarthy, Molly Nyhan and Chloe Wineriter. Rayya had two strong swims in the 200 free and the 50 free while Sydney Green became the second Sailfish to break the minute in the 100 free this weekend, with a nice swim of 59.58 which got her 8th in that event. She also grabbed 11th and a PR in the 50 free and 12th in the 100 back. Nice going Sydney! Becca had 3 top 12 finishes out of her 5 events, grabbing 6th and a PR in the 200 IM, 6th and another PR in the 100 fly and 12th in the 500. Good job Becca! Sarah was three for three in PRs in the 500, 200 & 100 free, with an 11th spot in the 2 free. Nice work Sarah! Molly also had a good weekend of swimming, posting PRs in all 4 of her events with a huge 18+ second drop in her 200 free! She also became a member of the under 30 club in the 50 free with a nice swim of 29.69. Way to go Molly! Chloe had 4 solid swims in the 500, 200 & 50 free and the 100 back despite just returning from a prolonged shoulder injury. Nice going Chloe!

As I said before, this was a good meet for the Sailfish and it was great to see our swimmers in the water competing at a nice meet at a good facility. The meet administrators, Steve, Greg and Marilyn, did a great job organizing and running the meet and the facility accommodated us pretty well. We certainly appreciated the opportunity to swim at a nice meet such as this. This wrap up wouldn’t be complete without a big thank you to the parents who stepped up to help us fill our timing obligations. Thank you to all who did and a special thanks to Stephanie Klements who stepped up to fill a slot on Sunday afternoon even though she didn’t have a swimmer in that session. We very much appreciate this kind of support! Thank you Stephanie!