Dave's quick notes. This Fri - Sunday

First, This Friday a.m. practice for Group ABC will be back to previous schedule (5:50 covers) 6-7:45 swim. (Helix is not practicing that day). . . practices will continue at the previous schedule for at least another week. I have a meeting with Kroc set up to investigate possibilities for some scheduling changes (getting things back to pre-covid days) but I want to caution that this may not happen for a month or two. I will let everyone know the direction we're headed after I meet with them.

Once I meet with Kroc - I will post an April schedule (probably this Sat or Sunday).

Second.....14&O - Coronado HS    -      Swim meet news

No Saturday a.m. practice due to the swim meet.

The good news.......we're back to a semi-normal type of meet. Since there were only 79 swimmers who entered, they decided to allow it to be just one session and will be allowing multiple teams on deck at the same time this weekend at Coronado.

Please arrive at 7:15 each day with the 3 forms filled out. The  2 pages of coronado forms need to be turned in pror to going on the deck on day 1, and one page SI form must be turned in each day - so make sure you do 2 of those.

The warmup period is 7:30-8:45  the meet will run from about 9-10:30 am each day.

As usual, swimmers will need to wear masks when not in the water and maintain the social disitancing practices we have been accustomed to. Since there will be multiple teams (i think 6 or 7), CAST swimmers will be asked to remain in a CAST area, and warm up / cool down in lanes that have only cast swimmers in them. Luckily coronado has a lot of deck space and a lot of lane space.

Remember a plastic baggie for your mask. 

One step closer to normal! Let's make sure we observe all the rules, and show everyone that we can do this safely, so we can continue heading in the direction of more teams being allowed on deck.

Meet Psyche sheet

- Coach Dave