Senior Group Updates for April-July 2021

Senior Group Updates for LCM Season


Practice 1 - 6:30-8:30a
Practice 2 - 8:45-10:45a
April - Girls/Boys
May - Boys/Girls
June - Girls/Boys
July - Boys/Girls


LCM Training Camps with Hydro4

April 24-25, 2021

May 8-9, 2021

On the above dates we will have the opportunity to train with Hydro4 at the Ormond Beach location.
The idea of what we are going to do:
Saturday morning combined practice with Hydro4.
Saturday afternoon off to go to the beach/dinner/etc.
Sunday morning combined practice with Hydro4.
Sunday lift/dryland at the YMCA (at the pool).
Sunday lunch break.

Sunday early afternoon combined practice with Hydro4.
Head Home.
Those that participated off Monday after.
Saturday practice will be offered as normal at Julington Creek.  We will have a sign up for this to judge participation.  Lack of numbers means we may cancel the endeavor.  No cost to the swimmers for this training.


Practice Times and Locations (Three Phases)
1. Combining to two Groups (April)
2. Modified May/Early June for Summer League during School Year
3. Summer Practice Schedule


All practices will be located at the Aquatic Complex unless otherwise specifically listed.


We will be combining into two Senior Groups beginning April 12, 2021.  The two groups will help streamline staffing hours for the next few weeks until our new schedule begins.  A few of our swimmers from A & B will move to C group for this schedule due to numbers and training lanes.  They will be contacted in a separate email.


Ealy Group


Girls/Boys Saturdays continued.
Dryland Groups … Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Saturday 6:40-7:35 … Yoga Wednesday 5:30-6:30


Late Group


Girls/Boys Saturdays continued.
Dryland … Monday/Friday 6:00-6:40 … Yoga Wednesday 5:30-6:30


Beginning on May 2nd, 2021 we will move to our modified practice times with the beginning of summer league season and loss of some afternoon time at the Aquatic Complex. We will also mark a return to our Senior Group training structure at this time that will continue going forward as we can see a return to normal training routines on the horizon.  This will go through June 10th, 2021.  


Sectional and Zone Groups

MTuThF - 5:45-7:45am

Wednesday 3:20-5:20pm

Girls/Boys Saturdays continued.


Brooke A
Bella B
Jenny B
Mason C
Emma C
Will C

Avery D
Jake D

Trisha F
Elle F
David G

Anna G

Grace G
Mia G

Haley H

Leah H
Aidan H

Izzy H
Amelia K
Meredith M
Dominic M

Emma N
Rich N
Michael P
Raymond P

Dylan R

Daniel R

Avery S
Nicholas T


Prep and State Group


Girls/Boys Saturdays continued.


Emily A

Parker B

Charlotte C

Logan C

Ashley C

Luke D
Owen D

Charlotte D
Omar E

Kaitlyn F

Ash F
Kaitlin G

Ty L

Matt L

Nicko L

Landon L

Fabrizio L

Connor O
Simeon P
Adair S

Zach S

Nate S
Caleb T

Darby T
Ayden W

Chase W

Aidan W

Griffin W


From June 11th - July 27th we will be in our Summer Schedule.  We are still working on the possibility of getting some LCM swim times, but that will be TBA.  


Sectional and Zone


TuTh Doubles Zones


Tu Doubles Sectional


Girls/Boys Saturdays continued.


Prep and State

9:15-11:15am @ REC Center

Girls/Boys Saturdays continued.


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