Stingrays News Update - week of 4/5/21


Our National Team had an INCREDIBLE meet down in Oxford Ohio at the YMCA National Festival. Let’s run the numbers.

2 coaches. 4 swimmers. 13 events. 24 swims.

Now for the good stuff. 

  • Amy Pan – 8 swims, 5 best times, 4 improved National cuts, 4 first-place finishes, 1 team record (49.97 in the 100 free)!!!
  • Casey Sanders – 8 swims, 5 best times, 2 National cuts, 1 fifth place finish, 1 sixth place finish, 1 eighth place finish, 1 ninth place finish
  • Evan Scotto-Divetta – 5 swims, 4 best times, 2 National cuts, 2 thirteenth place finishes
  • Andrew Pan – 3 swims, 1 best time, 1 eleventh place finish…and 1 AMAZING way to finish his 10-year Stingray career!!!

Well done, Stingray Nation!!! This location is one of five Festival locations running a National meet. We will know final results in one week! To all of you who sent well wishes to them, watched the live stream and stalked them on Meet Mobile, THANK YOU! That type of support means worlds to our swimmers!

As we roll into April, there are a few things to keep in mind:

We WILL resume practice for all groups tomorrow, April 5. Practice schedule will be our normal schedule. Forgot what it was? Find it here.

As mentioned before, if your swimmer is 13 years old or older, they will need to be antigen tested for Covid on a weekly basis starting this week. We are finalizing details with the YMCA, so we are (as of this moment) unsure of THIS WEEK’S testing schedule. But stay tuned and stay FLEXIBLE. For as inconvenient as this may make your life, please consider that none of us had this on our radar. A number of us spent many hours over the last 2 weeks making arrangements and taking mandated training so as to ensure the continuance of our normal schedule. If you are one of those people, THANK YOU. If you’re not…then please be patient with us.

Here are answers to some common questions:

  • Once testing begins, it will take place at the YMCA in the outdoor courtyard outside of the gym.
  • The health department has supplied the test kits, and this will be free to our swimmers.
  • The volunteers assisting have taken the mandated training.
  • You will receive an electronic consent form from the YMCA before testing is administered. Stay tuned for that!
  • The antigen test called the BinaxNow antigen test. Information about it is found here:
    • Yes, it has a swab that goes in the swimmer’s nose. It is not the type that goes WAY up the nose. It swabs inside the nostrils. Do not be concerned. I guarantee that your child has (likely recently) stuck their finger further up their nose than this swab will go. cheeky
    • The swimmer will swab their own nose and hand the swab back to the test administrator.
    • Testing takes about 20 minutes to complete (5 minutes to check in and swab the nose, and then 15 minutes to wait for results).
    • All test administrators will wear gloves, KN95 masks and face shield or eye protection.
    • The testing process is compliant with HIPAA and FERPA rules. Data reported in compliance with this order is public health data reporting.
  • If your child is being Covid tested weekly through their school or other club sports, you do not need to test twice. You can supply us with confirmation of a negative test result and the date of testing.
  • If you can’t make it to the scheduled testing at the YMCA, you are welcome to seek out a local test facility near your home and test there. You can supply us with confirmation of a negative test result and the date of testing.
  • If your child will be TURNING 13 in the coming weeks, you will need to comply with this as soon as your child turns 13.
  • The plan will be for Senior Group members to test on Tuesdays from 5-6:30pm at the YMCA. WE ARE UNSURE IF THIS WILL OCCUR THIS TUESDAY. PLEASE STAY TUNED. WE MAY HAVE TO HAVE TESTING AT A SUBSEQUENT TIME THIS WEEK.
  • The plan will be for Gold/Silver/Bronze Group members to test on Thursdays from 5-6:30pm at the YMCA. WE ARE UNSURE IF THIS WILL OCCUR THIS THURSDAY. PLEASE STAY TUNED. WE MAY HAVE TO HAVE TESTING AT A SUBSEQUENT TIME THIS WEEK.
  • If you aren’t comfortable with this, we do understand. Please let us know, and we will contact you to come back to practice once this state order is lifted, provided that space permits.

More important info:

The current swim team session extends until the end of April.

We will begin an abbreviated “Spring Tune-up” session that will run May 3 through May 28. The practice schedule will be exactly as it is currently. The YMCA will require everyone who intends to participate to sign up for that session (pricing TBA). Be on the lookout for a sign-up link, or sign up in person at the Y. Space will be limited similarly to the short course season. If you participated in the short course season, you will NOT need to sign up again with the Boosters as this membership extends through August 31.

We will be having a long course summer season. It will begin Tuesday, June 1 and extend tentatively to early or mid August. We are still finalizing specific details, but it will resemble our “normal” routine with practices for our older swimmers in the early morning at Botsford pool in Livonia (once school is done), and evening practices at the YMCA for our younger swimmers. In the couple of weeks between June 1 and when school is done, practices will be the same as they are now. Stay tuned for sign-up information and pricing.

Have a great week! Keep an eye on your email this week for updates!