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April 5th 1st week schedule and additional information

Hello Everyone,

I’m sorry for the long wait time to get the schedule out to everyone.  It was a huge task.

Initial practice groups have been assigned.  Please keep in mind that these are fluid groupings and the coaches will be making necessary adjustments after a few days of seeing how everyone fits in their groups.  Requests to have your child moved will be passed along to the coaches, but we don’t have the flexibility to move kids around unless it is the proper swim decision.  We understand that scheduling issues come up for everyone, but there’s just not enough space to accommodate everyone at this time.

Click here for the schedule for Week 1 (April 5 – April 9).  Due to 2 Whitney High School competitions this week, we are going to have modified practice schedules on Tuesday and Thursday.  This might be the “normal” for the first few weeks, but we will get the future weeks’ schedules out to you as soon as possible.  Please understand that we’re working in partnership with both of the high schools and there will be adjustments needed as all programs navigate the upcoming month.

Practices will begin tomorrow, April 5th.  Our evening practice schedule will run until the end of the school year.  Once we get to June / Summer, our practice times will shift to mornings for most groups.  Our next planned break will be mid-August.   We do not have a minimum attendance policy, but the more days you can attend, the better the chances to make progress. 

We will be swimming at Whitney High School unless otherwise notified.

If you have not completed your registration for the 2021 Season, please do so as soon as you can.  No swimmers will be allowed in the water until their registration is complete.

Due to Covid restrictions, the pool deck will be closed.  This means that you can drop off your children at the front gate, and pick them up at the exit gate, but no parents or siblings will be allowed inside the pool gates.

All swimmers will also need to complete their USA Swimming registration as soon as possible and click here for instructions.  There are multiple levels of membership to choose from.  For anyone who plans to swim beyond the summer, it is recommended that you purchase the Premium plan.  If you know that you will not swim beyond August 31st, 2021, then the Individual Season plan is ok for your kids. 

Our coaches and board members do a ton of work, but they can’t do everything.  We will be reaching out to notify parents of available volunteer positions.  Every family will be required to sign up for a volunteer job to help make this program run the best it can for your kids.

Swim meets are currently being scheduled.  Our first meet is tentatively planned for the weekend of April 24th & 25th.  (More info to come about meets, how they work, how to sign up, who will be expected to swim, who will be expected to work, etc).

I’m sure there will be plenty of questions that this email hasn’t covered.  Please visit our FAQ page to see if anything your curious about is already answered there. 


Thank you for your patience.  Let’s get out there and start the fun tomorrow.