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2021 Swim Gear and Equipment


Our season is in full swing and we wanted to send out a quick reminder about equipment. Fortunately, swimming is not an equipment intensive sport, but the few items our athletes need are very important to their safety and performance. We have had many new families join our team this year who are wondering what their child needs, so hopefully this will answer most of your questions. You can always refer to our "Team Store" to see links to our preferred partners.


Swim Fins: 

All athletes are required to have fins, and all fins are not created equal. We have seen fins for body surfing and scuba/snorkeling on the deck. Swim fins are smaller, and have a foot pocket. They can also be cut down as needed if your coach sees fit. Scuba fins, on the other hand, have a strap around the back of the heel and are designed to be worn with booties. Wearing this type of fin for practice will cause blisters, they are too large, and can't be modified.

  • By MAY 3RD, ALL swimmers must have their own fins.
  • Sporti Floating Swim fins are great for the majority of swimmers. Popular brands are Speedo, Sporti, Finis, TYR, Bettertimes. 
  • parent tip: it is best to try on before you buy....a good fit can be a challenge using a sizing chart on the internet. If you can't try on, at least order early enough so you can return and buy an alternate size prior to October 1st. Better yet, order multiple sizes and try-on at home.
  • parent tip#2: all fins look similar. We highly suggest you write your child's name on these. 



As we begin to attend meets again, we have been getting questions about Team Suits. In order to keep costs down this year, we have decided that our team suit will be solid black. If you already own a black racing suit, then you are all set. If you need to purchase one, we recommend the following:

  • Girls:  TYR Durafast Elite in Diamond Fit
  • Women:  TYR Durafast Elite in Diamond Fit or Max Fit
  • Boys:  TYR Durafast Elite jammers or briefs
  • Men:  TYR Durafast Elite jammers or briefs

For boys, a "brief" or "jammer" type suit creates less drag and helps your swimmer go faster with less resistance. While a pair of swim trunks or boardshorts might look cool, it acts as a parachute of sorts, and makes training that much harder when in the pool.


Swim Caps: 

This is a visibility as well as a hygiene issue. If your athlete's hair goes past their eyebrows, they must wear a cap when in the water. This applies to all genders.

Our NEW 2021 Team Caps are in production and will be available for sale very soon. 


Where to Buy:

Unfortunately, 2020 took its toll on all of our local swim shops, so you will likely need to order online. We have had a long partnership with and you can find all of your equipment needs there. A portion of your purchase goes back to our team, and returns are easy should you need another size. You can find a link to our online Team Store on our website.

· This is the internet's largest swim retailer and a great partner with us over the years. You can get there through our homepage or go to:  Our landing page will take you directly to our preferred equipment. By entering their site through our link, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will stay with our team.

· Amazon: If you choose to use Amazon, we encourage you to set up a free Amazon Smile account. When you select your non-profit organization, you can select Rocklin Swim Team and a portion of proceeds will stay with our team.