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2021 Update from the President

I’d like to take a moment and address the current situation with the Rocklin Swim Team.  I know there have been a lot of questions and definitely some confusion around what is happening this swim year, and I am hoping to ease some minds.  

First and foremost, a Rocklin Wave season with “normal” meets including our famous Wave sandwiches and chicken quesadillas was just not in the cards this year.  Our summer wave program is part of the NorCal Swim League, and earlier this year when we had to decide to remain part of that league or branch off, they did not have a plan for this year for meets or Champs.  Therefore, we made the tough decision to split from NCSL for this year, create our own meets, and revisit the situation in 2022.  

So, what this did was allow us to move all our swimmers under USA swimming, which has a blueprint in place for running successful meets.  Given this format, Ryan is actively seeking dual meets with other teams from the area so that we can compete on a regular basis throughout the spring and summer.  We are also focused on meets where swimmers of all ages and abilities can participate, both sanctioned and non-sanctioned (e.g. time trials in May).  Make no mistake about it though, the USA swim sanctioned meets are going to be different in several ways including they are usually 2 day events, and they have a cost associated with the event.  This is new and different for families coming from Wave and we are looking at ways to mitigate these costs as much as possible.  


We also hear you loud and clear on the cost this year vs a typical Wave season.  In addition to the meet entry fees, there is the USA swimming membership and the increase over the $380 flat fee + $25 NCSL fee Wave season fee.  Please understand that in a typical season we have our coupon card fundraiser ($100 per family), our snack bar, apparel sales, sponsors, etc. that help keep Wave fees low. Unfortunately, under the circumstances, we just can’t operate those functions.  

I know that the information is getting out in bursts and often times last minute but understand that we are moving very fast behind the scenes and don’t always have the information until the last minute ourselves.  We are in the process of scheduling time in the next 2 weeks for families to attend an informational Q&A meeting at Whitney High, and plan to record it and make it available shortly thereafter.  To ensure as much reach as possible, we will email, post in the news section at, and push through social media at Instagram Rocklin_Swim_Team and Facebook Rocklin Swim Team.   

More information to follow.  Thanks for reading this far!  

Brad Cooper - President, RST