News re: 12&U meet on Sunday

 We have 17 swimmers in the  12&U meet this weekend.

The meet is at El Cajon Valley HS ---1035E Madison Ave, El Cajon.

Swimmers need to arrive at 7:30 am. so we can collect all of your COVID waiver forms and get the kids ready to jump in right at 7:45. Our desiganted warmup time is only 20 minutes, so don't be late. There are 3  x 20 minute warmups, and we were assigned the first. 

The meet begins at 9:00 and should be over between 10:30-11:00 am. Once a swimmer swims their last event, they are free to leave.

All swimmers must bring a signed Covid Waiver form - Your name goes in the top left box where it says "swimmer name" I don't know how but 1/3  of the people miss this. Also the "Club code" in the upper right is simpy "CAST".

Here is the Heat sheet

Have a great meet

- Coach Dave