Spring Schedule, Return to the College and Group Adjustments


SASO Swimmers and Families-

I am including additional information about our return to Solano College as well as updated practice schedules for May 3-June 14.  We were hoping to get some info out a bit sooner, however, we are excited to have our practice days and times finalized with Solano College.


We will begin our return to campus in a limited capacity to start, and will build as we move forward (both the size of practice groups as well as which groups are back on campus.)  We are starting with our Junior and Senior swimmers….and will move forward into the summer as well as fall.


Practice Schedule and Groups

We have updated our groups and practice schedules.  All of this information can be found on the link below.  These will take effect May 3.


Updated Groups and Schedules


We will have additional group moves June 14 when we start our summer schedule. 

Sunday Practices-All Groups

We will be offering Sunday practices for the entire team May 3-June 13 in Vallejo.  This will include all groups and is a chance to get our entire team together on a weekly basis.

We will have occasional Saturday LC practices at Solano College for Junior and Senior swimmers-more info will be sent in our weekly email (these will be on a signup basis.)


Return to Campus Meetings

We will be offering several Return to Campus meetings for all Junior and Senior swimmers (and a parent if they do not drive themselves to practices.)  Attendance at one of these ZOOM is mandatory.  Meetings are expected to be about 20 minutes in length.


Sunday, May 2-moved to Monday, May 3 at 4:30 pm

Monday, May 3

Tuesday, May 4

Tuesday, May 4


The meetings will also be an opportunity to answer any questions about meet or practice schedules for Junior and Senior swimmers.


Practice Survey (Junior and Senior 2)

All Senior 2 and Junior swimmers will need to fill out a survey to “opt-out” of one practice per week.  This will be a regular day that they do not we are able to fit all of our swimmers into the schedule.

A final schedule will be published on the website that confirms days that swimmers are at practices.  Junior and Senior 2 will have five practices available per week (4 weekday and 1 weekend.)  Senior 1 will have six practices available per week (five weekday and 1 weekend.)  One weekday morning practice will also be available.




Otter Groups

Otter swimmers will continue to practice at Alan Witt this spring.  We are planning to move the Otter swimmers to Solano College June 14 (afternoons.)


Otter swimmers will have three practices available per week this spring and four practices per week this summer.  A schedule will be published on Friday, April 30 with assigned days and times.  We will continue to add new or returning swimmers to the team as they join.


We will have an Otter group parent meeting on ZOOM on Thursday, May 6 at 7:00 pm.


Meeting Info


I will be responding to emails on Friday and Saturday regarding questions about the schedule.   Please send via email instead of texts.  Note that I will be at swim meets Friday-Sunday (college and club) and will return emails various times in the day. 


Thanks all.  I am excited to get our team back on campus.


Ricky Silva

Head Coach-DART Solano

Assistant Coach-Solano College

General Chair-Sierra Nevada Swimming