Age Group State (Recap) & Results

Close your eyes...queue up a slow, powerful, thunderous beat in your mind; one that makes you think of a wave so massive and with such momentum that it can't be stopped...maybe the "Rocky" theme, like right when he began to train again and you just knew he was going to conquer the world...or that song by The Call, Let the Day Begin...yeah, that's a great one. (And no, the theme from SpongeBob does not conjure up the same feelings!)

That's how we felt on Thursday night as the 800 and 1500 were being swum...a strong, overwhelming and growing sense that greatness was upon us.

It was and here is how we started it:

800 FR- 5th Rebecca Postoll, 6th Jenni Ciesielski, 9th Ryan Jolley, 12th Kailey Austin

1500 FR- 1st Jimmy Yoder, 9th Jack Gunning, 10th Scott Berry, 11th Gabriel Bellott-McGrath, 12th Nathon Burwick and Lucas Wyatt, 14th Tyler Harper

The weekend was not just fast swimming, as was made clear by our GA ZONE Representatives, Jimmy Yoder (New State Record in the 400 FR!, 1st in the 200 Fr, 1500 Fr, 100 & 200 Fly), Nathon Burwick, Taylor Weiss(100 and 200 Fly winer) and Scott Berry but it was also a time of challenges and racing despite some tough circumstances. When we go to the State Championships, we are not just there to swim fast but also to support each other and show everyone why we are the finest team in Georgia!

Further Wickedosity:

50 FR- Jimmy Yoder 2nd, Scott Berry 5th, Lucas Wyatt 10th, Jordan Drake 11th

100 Fr-Jimmy Yoder 2nd, Jordan Drake 11th, Rebecca Postoll 13th, Ryan Jolley 14th

200 Fr- Jimmy Yoder 1st, Jenni Ciesielski 4th, Rebecca Postoll 8th, Scott Berry 9th, Jordan Drake 11th, Gargamel Bellott-McGrath 12th, Taylor Weiss 16th

400 Fr-Jimmy Yoder 1st, Rebecca Postoll 6th, Gargamel Bellott-McGrath 11th, Scott Berry 13th, Tiger Harper 14th

It was hot. It was humid. We had rain delays. Despite the circumstances, you swam great! You congratulated your opponents and even amidst a few disappointments you never failed to show your competition Respect and humility in both your wins and losses.

A-Team Fool-pitying swims:

100 Bk- Jimmy Yoder 2nd, Jordan Drake and Scott Berry 4th, Jack Gunning 12th, Rebecca Postoll and Nathon Burwick 14th, Jenni Ciesielski 15th

200 BK- Jimmy Yoder 2nd, Jordan Drake 3rd, Scott Berry 4th, Jack Gunning 7th, Nathon Burwick 9th, Jenni Ciesielski 16th

100 Brst- Gargamel Bellott-McGrath 4th, Lord Burwick 7th

200 Brst- Nathon Burwick 3rd, Gabriel Bellott-McGrath 4th, Jordan Drake 11th, Alec Mau 12th, Kailey Austin 15th

100 Fly- Jimmy Yoder and Taylor Weiss 1st, Jenni Ciesielski 11th, Scott Berry 12h

200 Fly- Jimmy Yoder and Taylor Weiss 1st, Rebecca Justus and Jenni Ciesielski 6th, Jack Gunning 11th, Tyler Harper 12th, Nathon Burwick 13th

200 IM- Gargamel Bellott-McGrath 6th, Lord Burwick 7th

400 IM- Jimmy Yoder 2nd, Taylor Weiss 4th, Jenni Ciesielski and Nathon Burwick 5th, Gabriel Bellott-McGrath and Rebecca Postoll 14th, Ryan Jolley 16th

Congratulations to you all! We hope the next season is on the receiving end of the momentum you all continue to maintain!