Suit Day 5/22, Meet Schedule, & Online Apparel Store
Hello Lake Sharks,
Just wanted to share the latest updates. The league and individual clubs still have a lot to sort out before the start of the season, so expect more updates in the coming weeks.
Suit Day 5/22 2pm-5pm
Our suit vendor is coming to Lake Kandle on May 22nd from 2pm-5pm for swim suit tryons. They'll also have goggles and other swim accessories for purchase as well.
Online Store for suits, apparel and personalized swim caps:
If you can't attend suit day, you can purchase your team suit here and can also purchase a pair of personalized swim caps.
A note on suits:
This year we are offering two styles: the crossback and the DBX back.
The crossback has very thin straps whereas the DBX has thick straps so swimmers can pick whichever style fits best, fits most comfortably.
Personalized Caps:
The personalized cap is a different color/ style than our standard team caps. For those that are new swimmers, it can be helpful for the coaches if you have your name on the cap for learning swimmers' names.
Reminder: With sign up, all swimmers will receive a team shirt and team cap. The team shirt and team cap are a different color/ style. The apparel sold in the store is alternative attire for swimmers and spiritwear for parents, grandparents, siblings and all other Lake Shark fans.
Tentative Dual Meet Saturday Schedule:
6/19: Peachwood at Lake Kandle
6/26: Lake Kandle at Tarnsfield
OFF JULY 4th Weekend
7/10: Lake Kandle at Medford Village
7/17: Lake Kandle at Vineland
7/24: Haddon Twp at Lake Kandle
Peachbowl: A Weekday July 26-July 29
Championship Weekend at Vineland 7/30- 8/1
As stated above, the individual clubs and the league still need to figure out how to run the dual meets with regard to spectator limits and officiating. It is also worth noting that the schedule has already been switched around a few times. That said, if the schedule does get changed, it should still be the same dates, just maybe against different opponents.
Thanks for reading and stay tuned. It won't be long now!