Surfside Board Meeting Minutes

Surfside Board Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2021

6:30 pm

  1. Call to Order
  1. President’s Report – Case Spencer
  • The Board discussed increasing the rates charged per workout. However, we decided to postpone that decision for another month. Instead, we would like to focus on getting more swimmers back in the pool. Surfside will continue to charge per workout: $10 – B/C group, $12 – A/B group and $14 – A/Senior group. Eventually, we would like to go back to charging quarterly dues.
  • We have been told another change is coming next month regarding our scheduled pool time at Redondo Union.
  1. Head Coach Issues – John York (absent)
  • Questions for John:
  • Can Mary coach the Cs at Redondo on Tuesdays?  It is an earlier workout time than the other nights and that would work well for many of the young Cs. If Mary is not available, Elisa has another contact for John to consider.
  • When can we resume private lessons in the shallow end at Mira Costa?
  •  Is there an update regarding Lelei?
  1. Treasurer – David McDaniel
  • Holding steady at about $85,000 in/out each month. We are down about 25% since pre-Covid.
  1. Membership - Michelle Brill & Kelley Mayeda (absent)
  • A letter went out last month inviting all B, A and Senior swimmers back to the pool.
  • The remaining Cs have not been invited back yet.
  • A couple of members have asked to be deactivated.
  • We still have a lengthy waiting list. However, we will wait until we have a more consistent workout schedule before holding tryouts.
  1. Meet/sign up coordinator – Elisa Nye
  • A couple of waivers are continuing to trickle in at the workouts. It was decided that we do not need a board member present at the workout to collect them. Since there are so few at this time, they can just be given to John.
  1. Secretary - Eileen Brown
  • Nothing new.
  1. New Business
  • Next Board meeting: Depending on developments, we may have another meeting in May, otherwise it will be Monday, June 7th.
  • Meeting Adjourned.