Congratulations to Lamar Decasseres - 2021 USA Swimming Outstanding Volunteer !

Congratulations to Lamar Decasseres of Westchester Aquatic Club

Presented with the 2021 USA Swimming Outstanding Volunteer Award 

at the House of Delegates Meeting Last night.

Lamar Decasseres is the father of two swimmers (Elijah & Brianna) on Westchester Aquatic Club and was elected as Metropolitan Swimming’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Chairman, as well as being on several committees in Metro, the Eastern Zone and USA Swimming.


Here is what our Metro athletes have to say about Lamar:


Personally I think Lamar made a lot of great efforts in our lsc and our zone. He is making a great effort to make sure every lsc has a dei member on its board. With this proposal it would make sure we have necessary diversity and equity and inclusion in all lscs. He also has been making a great effort for swimmers to understand the college process better. He had an idea for webinar with abbie fisher, coaches, and athletes thats can help swimmers with college processes in such a hectic time. I believe that Lamar has been making great efforts in a volunteer position to enhance the swim world for our lsc and many others around the nation.


I really believe that Lamar deserves to be recognized for his efforts this time around. Even though I haven’t been on the board for a full year yet, my personal experiences point all directions towards his progression. As an official, DEI chair, and even father of his own swimmers, it is clear that Lamar has a passion for swim governance. Under the circumstances of such large roles, I have almost never not seen Lamar at our board meetings. Whether it is a Metro board meeting, DEI committee meeting, or even an Eastern Zone DEI meeting, Lamar never hesitates to voice his opinion; he is truly an inspiration to me as a newer athlete representative. Respectfully, I believe he is one of the most proactive members, not only in the scheme of our small LCS, but on the platform of USA swimming. As you may know, Lamar is responsible for the college knowledge fair that was successfully coordinated under his supervision. Furthermore, he has proposed a legislation to add a designated diversity chair as a voting member on LSC boards. Even through the pandemic, it is clear that Lamar has found ways to be as proactive as possible. Over the next year and a half of my position as an athlete representative, I truly am excited to work closely with Lamar. I already am apart of both the metro DEI and eastern zone DEI committees, which Lamar has encouraged me to join. I truly believe that he is a key figure to the ultimate progression of our metropolitan family and deserves to be recognized for his efforts. 


Westchester Aquatic Club is proud of the dedication Lamar has made to the Sport of Swimming and his efforts to continue to improve the culture of the sport for all it’s participants and coaches.


Congratulations to Lamar and his Family !


Swimmingly Carle