Gators Update and Reminders

Hello CG Gators Families,

A happy Mother's Day to all of our Gator moms out there.  Hoping you had a wonderful, fun filled day.

Refund Deadline

The refund deadline for the 2021 season is Sunday, May 16. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact a member of the swim team committee.

Quick Reminder

1.)  A reminder to parents, there is only one parent allowed on deck during the 5-8 year old practices. We are almost through this pandemic and the safety of our swimmers, coaching staff, and others are essential. Please understand that safety is one of our primary concerns so please follow the instructions as laid out by our coach and swim team committee. We are hoping to open up other practices to parents in the near future, we will let you know when that will happen.

2.)  Please do your best to make sure that your swimmers arrive to practice early so they can be checked in. It makes it easier on everyone and especially our coaches when getting the kids into the pool. 

Gator Gazette

Next week we will be launching our weekly email alerts and information for the entire swim team. It is called the Gator Gazette. It can also be available on the website. It will contain information about volunteering, encouraging words from Coach Denise, information about up and coming meets, and much much more.

Extra Swag for you all

Dan Kilmer our Treasurer will be in the parking lot this week during practices starting around 5 selling off some old Gator shirts. They are in limited supply and going for $10 each. He will also have Gator swim bags for sale, car decals, and some sweet vintage CG Gators Swim Invitational shirts for only $2. He will accept cash, check, or charge. First come first serve.