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Volunteering Opportunity - Swim Official
Hello all,
Within the volunteering program there is an Volunteer opportunity as Official. The role of officiating is to observe and judge the swimmers strokes. It is a fun job to do and training is mandatory. The training is needed for getting familiar with the correct strokes and deck procedures.
Currently Certified USA Swimming Officials do not have to attend to one of the classes as long as they review and understand the differences between Midlakes and USA Swimming. They will have to send an email with "2021 USA Swimming Official" in subject line to [email protected] confirming that they have read.  
Also, if you decide to be an official please send an email to  [email protected] with a subject line Klahanie Officials. There are 5 t-shirts that will be given to the officials this year. Priority have the new officials. 
The hours in training are going towards Volunteering hours.
Please see below the schedule of the training for this year and if you'd like to volunteer as official please attend to one clinics.

2021 Officials Training Schedule

Officials Requirements

Training will be held by video conference/webinar. Please note the links below.  

ALL Midlakes Officials MUST attend at least one training session each season.

Training Day Date Time Video Conf Trainer
Stroke & Turn Tuesday May 18 5:00 pm https://meet.google.com/psx-oktc-few Michael Yu
  Wednesday May 19 5:00 pm https://meet.google.com/hhd-szmi-ytr Edgar Valentin
Starter & Referee Tuesday May 18 7:00 pm https://meet.google.com/yuu-rfqp-mbs Paul Farag
  Wednesday May 19 7:00 pm https://meet.google.com/zan-cimc-bjr Paul Farag


Thank you