NEW RECORD @ Santa Clara Senior Meet

The first meet since Covid was a fun one!

SOLO was represented by the long term standouts Robbie Kuhnen, Sela Dingpontsawa and Lulu Schloss.

We had a great day on Saturday going back in time, when Sela and Lulu were 9 and made the Far Western Championships and were afraid to attend. As it is the fastest "Age Group Meet" this side of the Mississippi! So we didn't have them go!!!! While Robbie learned how to swim with me sreaming the whole time at @2 years of age.

Guess What, they are still swimming today, AND FAST!

Lulu Schloss added to her collection of team records by taking down Heidi Kucera's 200 breast record from 2005. Lulu set the new mark of 2:42.46.Ms. Kucera is in the UC Davis Hall Of Fame, after setting 9 school records and being the first swimmer to make the NCAA D1. We look forward to seeing what will come next for Lulu! Congratulations!

Fun, Fun, and More FUN!

Thanks Robbie, Sela & Lulu!