SUMMER SCHEDULE Blue Bronze Silver and Gold


Hey Team - Blue Bronze Silver and Gold!

As promised I would get something out about schedule for the summer and keep you in the loop about what is going on. I have a few updates for you to add on as we planned out this summer! 

May will be our (Gold and below) last month at CAC and Sundance. Sundance will have their summer team, and we will be able to fit everyone at Cherry Creek High School and no longer need for CAC at this time. We do plan on returning to CAC at some point again when we need it again in the fall.  The mens high school team is swimming into June this year so there are certain times during the day we can book. 


*** UPDATE AS OF 5/24/21 ****** 


We need to make adjustments to Blue/Bronze due to schedule conflicts, which is also going to open up a little bit of other opportunities for us as well. We had a few kids with day conflict that need an evening option. They can come to the Blue/Bronze practice times and Coach Matt will give them a workout. PLEASE only use this option if you NEED it. We would LOVE to keep our athletes/coaches/groups together the best we can. 


Summmer Schedule  for Gold, Silver, Bronze and Blue for June and July would be:


Gold 10-11:30am and Silver 10-11:15am  @ CCHS Monday- Friday

Tuesday 3-4PM Lowry for Silver and Gold 

** Due to Long course season looking promising for Colorado Swimming as a whole, we are going to do our best to participate in Long Course to the fullest. We hope you are willing to join us. We are adding a long course practice for Gold and Silver Tuesday evenings at Lowry from 3-4PM for June. We would like to get a gauge of who is interested in attending and we are creating a one time sign up on the events tab, please sign up if you are planning on coming.  If the interest is there we will continue them in July as well and if possible add Thursdays but a lot of this depends on interest and what happens when the high school men return to practice as well. 

We are going to a LC meet June 4,5,6 at VMAC, Home Meet June 18/19 (WILL BE FUN!), Age Group/Senior Zone Meet LC July 16-18th, 13 and Older State July 22-25th, 12 and Under state Meet July 30-August 1st. We are also at looking at adding a Home Meet at Lowry potentially June 29th and if Zone 2 meet doesn't happen July 8th. 

Blue and Bronze  Monday, Wednesday and Friday 5-6PM @ CCHS


We are planning on taking off August / most of August off. We will keep you posted! 


Rob and I had a good talk tonight with the kids about balancing summer league and club swimming and the importance of it ESPECIALLY for those in Silver and Gold. We went through the pros and cons for both and what we as coaches would like to see from them this summer. We hope they can home tonight expressing what they learned and what they want.

This has been a crazy year for all of us but we have done a GREAT job as a team sticking and growing together. It would be sad to lose that comradery and commitment to each other we have built. Summer club is GREAT if they want to do it, just want them to find a way to do both.  We have spent so much time with your kids during the year getting to know them and their specific swim journey and how to help them take this sport to where they want to go. There are a lot of benefits to both and hope to keep your kids with us 2-3 days per week this summer or more depending on their goals. We told them we are happy to talk with each of them and help them come up with a plan. Please don't forget we are taking August off as well. Kids that hold for the summer will be away from the team for 3 months and this is REALLY hard. Please do your best to balance both. 


For now this is what the summer looks like in a nut shell and will communicate if anything changes. 


Thank you for your belief and trust in us!!


Have a great last week of school, ENJOY your weekend off of swim!! 



SO EXCITED FOR SUMMER!!! We are going to have a great time!!