Loggerhead Updates for the Week of 5/31

Loggerhead Updates for the Week of 5/31


Monday, May 31

All Practices Cancelled – Happy Memorial Day!


Updated Loggerhead COVID Policies

We can now loosen up our team policies on COVID and will be making masks outside optional. We ask that all swimmers keep a mask in their swim bag just in case we have to go inside for inclement weather or find ourselves in a situation where distancing cannot be achieved.

Swimmers will continue to stay distanced on the walls during practice. We will run practice from one end of the pool when possible, but will split and use both ends if there are more than 4 swimmers in the lane.

We will continue having only swimmers of the current group inside the facility as this has worked very well over the last year to keep training groups separated and create a calm and distraction free environment for our swimmers. No parents or siblings will be allowed inside the facility, however they are encouraged to watch practice from the fence at the perimeter of the facility if they wish.


Support for the Bailey Family

Thank you all for sharing your ideas on ways to help the Bailey Family and honor Tristyn. I look forward to using some of those ideas in the future. If anyone would like to donate to Tristyn’s Memorial Fund you can do so on the following link: Tristyn Bailey Memorial Fund


Summer Practice Schedule

Be aware we may have a couple small changes to the summer practice schedule (starts the week of 6/14). We have been looking into adding long course training on weekday mornings and are currently working out the details. Any scheduling changes will be communicated via email next week.

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