Week of May 31st--Practice and Suit Sales!

The first week of our summer swim is here!  This week we will have practice on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday will be our suit sales and swimwear exchange.  Times for practice and suit purchase are:

                6 & Unders:  4:30-5:00

                7-10 yr olds:  5:00-5:45

                11 & older:    5:45-6:30

To help spread out the suit sales, please come at your swimmers practice time.  If you have multiple swimmers, please come at the later time.   We have selected a suit that should be available for years to come so it can be passed down to younger swimmers.  It is the Speedo Tone Setter.  Girls’ suits are $59; Boys’ suits are $40.  We will also have team swim caps for sale for $12.   If you can’t make it to the suit sale, contact me and we will arrange a way for you to get your suits.

Please have your swimmers bring goggles, towel and a water bottle.  Fins are not needed yet.  Info on the type of fins swimmers use is posted on our website under NEWS.  Our website is  Also refer to our CALENDAR for info on our schedule and upcoming events. 

If, for some reason, we need to cancel a practice/event, we will post on our facebook page first—Flying Fish.  We will also text out cancellations.

If you haven’t completed your registration form yet, please bring it to the first practice.  And, if you have scheduling issues these first weeks, we understand that many are still finishing up their sprng/fall/winter sports.  Just let us know so we don’t worry about you!  (I’m a worrier!)

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email or text me.  I’m in the OBX this weekend and service is spotty, but I will get back to you as soon as I can!

This is going to be a great summer!


[email protected] 407-963-1094