Greetings from the Glenwood newsroom.

The storms have given way to sunshine, the cacophony of the cicadas has resumed, and the Glenwood waters are appropriately chilled.

Summer is here and it’s time to swim! The Glenwood Tigers Swim Team kicks off the 2021 season this week, with practices starting Wednesday afternoon.

Our coaches are psyched to get everyone back in the water (don’t worry, it will get warmer), so come on down to the pool and meet the crew.

Back for their 13th season with the team (nothing unlucky about that!) are Head Coach Jeremy Butler and Assistant Coach Kelly Butler.

Joining the Glenwood dynamic duo are Assistant Coaches Molly Benson, Jack Bowman, and Celia Ford. All three are new to “Big Team” coaching, but they’ve been Tigers since they were barely more than knee high to Jeremy, and all are swimming their final season with the team this summer.

The Big Team’s 10-and-younger swimmers will enjoy additional support this season from Junior Assistant Coaches Max Bowman, Leo Kugel, and Melanie Morford. These Tigers will also partner with Lupe Garvey, Ella Schrebler, and Aidan Shaffer to coach our all-important Pre-Team.

Now, let’s talk dates.


We already mentioned that practices start Wednesday, June 2, after school. You can find the full practice schedule for the season here. Note that on June 17, a summer schedule with morning and afternoon swim practices begins.

Prior to the start of practices, we hold a new-swimmer screening and registration event at the pool this Tuesday, June 1 from 5 p.m. to 7p.m. At this time, our coaches will give new swimmers a simple swim test to determine whether they’re ready for Big Team or better suited to the Pre-Team, our signature Tiger experience for beginning swimmers. If that time can’t work for you, please reach out and we’ll find a time.

After you learn which team your swimmer is qualified to join, you can register here. If your child is a returning Big Team swimmer, no need to have them screened prior to registering them online. Registration for both teams closes Thursday, June 10.

(As our experienced swim team families know, both options offer children a great mix of swim instruction and summer fun. So, if you’re reading this and you know a new Glenwood family who might be interested, please pass along the above information.)

Other important dates for Time Trials, A meets, B meets, and social events are now available in our updated season schedule. Don’t worry--you don’t need to commit all this stuff to memory or understand every item in detail (i.e., what the heck is Time Trials?). We send out reminders and explanations all season long ahead of every important date.

One final item, which we’ll explain in more detail later this week for new families: The signup for parent volunteers will open Monday, June 7 at 8:30 p.m.


And now, a word about the pandemic.

Have you noticed it’s a little awkward out there? In some places, like schools and public transportation, we’re still required to wear masks. In other places, we’re told we don’t have to wear masks or socially distance if we’re vaccinated, but still some folks choose to do so.

Sometimes, we’re not exactly sure what we’re supposed to be doing, so we do our best.

Montgomery County is no longer placing any restrictions on outdoor sporting events. Our pool asks that unvaccinated individuals wear masks indoors, such as in the bathhouse, and follow current state, county, and CDC guidance.

For the purposes of summer swimming, our coaches will urge social distancing—especially among our younger, unvaccinated swimmers. We’ll remind swimmers about the mask rule in the bathhouse and lifeguard office.

But it’s incumbent on all swim team members and their families to decide whether to take additional precautions and to always respect the choices made by others.


Before we sign off, we’d like to make a pitch for our 2021 Tiger Manual. Besides being a top-10 most scintillating read of Summer 2021, it’s also the definitive source for all things Glenwood Swim Team.

Remember that earlier question about Time Trials? You’ll find the answer in our manual. What’s this about a parent volunteer requirement? What’s Pre-Team? Who are these highly qualified individuals coaching our kids?

It’s all in the manual.

We’ll sign off now—to give you more time to read the team manual—but you know you’ll be hearing from us again. If you have any questions in the meantime, you can email us at [email protected].

Study up, Tigers!—Your Team Reps