Greetings from the Glenwood newsroom.

What a great first week of Tiger swimming! The weather mostly cooperated, the pool gradually warmed, and all the Tigers had a chance to catch up with friends while getting to know their coaches and waking up their summer-swimming muscles.

As practices continue with the same after-school schedule this week, here’s what parents need to know:

  • Registration closes June 10. That means that if you haven’t registered your swimmers yet, it’s not too late! If your child is a returning swimmer or has been screened by our coaches and assigned to either “Big Team” or “Pre-Team,” you can register them here. If your child has NOT yet been screened, bring them down to the pool at 7 p.m. any weekday evening this week and the coaches will help you get that done. Questions about registration may be directed to Team Treasurer Traci Vagnucci.
  • Parent Orientation for our new Big Team and Pre-Team families will take place in a pair of upcoming meetings, so mark your calendars for whichever session best suits your needs. The Big Team informational meeting for parents is Monday, June 7 at 6:30 p.m. The meeting for new Pre-Team parents is Monday, June 14 at 6:45 p.m., which also happens to be the same evening that pre-team practices begin.
  • Sign-up for Volunteer Jobs goes live Monday, June 7 at 8:30 p.m. for all registered and paid swim families. Glenwood Tiger swimming runs on parent power—there is no way we can do this without you. Our formula is a simple one: If you have one swimmer on the team, you need to do three jobs during the season; two swimmers requires four jobs, and three or more swimmers requires five jobs. If you only have swimmers on pre-team, you do not need to sign up for jobs. Everything you need to know before signing up for jobs can be found here and here. Questions may be directed to Team Rep Roland Schrebler.
  • Time Trials is bright and early this Saturday morning, June 12 at Glenwood. For those new to summer swimming, the best way to describe this important season-opening event is a Tigers-only practice meet where swimmers will race freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly to get seed times for competition. This is a great introduction to the fun of summer swimming (with plenty of opportunities to get a jump on those parent-volunteer jobs), so come on down to Glenwood, buy one of our famous breakfast sandwiches, and enjoy the show. More details about Time Trials will follow later this week in an update from our coaches.

That’s all the news for now. Except—have we ever mentioned that you can learn so much about Glenwood Tiger swimming from our handy handbook? We did? Well, we hate to leave anything to chance, so here it is again, just in case.

Suit up, Tigers!—Your Team Reps