Swim Team - Registration, Volunteering, Assessments, and more...


Hello Swimmers and Lovers of Swim,


Still in the pre-season and there is so much to talk about:


Registration:   If you haven’t already registered your swimmer(s) for the team, what are you waiting for?  Having an accurate roster helps us plan staffing of coaches, order T-shirts for everyone, and organize practice groups.  Holmes Run Acres Hurricanes : Start Registration (teamunify.com)  Note: if your swimmer is not registered by May 31st, we cannot guarantee that they will receive a team t-shirt.


Volunteering:  We depend on volunteers, it’s that simple.  We’re trying something new where you can view all of the available volunteer slots for every meet this season and sign up all at once.  There are some jobs where you must be NVSL trained and certified – so only sign up if you know that’s where you belong.  Most of the jobs do not require training or experience, so that’s a good place to start.  Here’s the deal:


Officials Training and Recertification:  Have you ever dreamed of being a Stroke & Turn Judge?  Or aspired to the lofty title of Assistant (to the) Regional Chief Timer?  The NVSL requires training and regular certification for many deck officials.  Most officials must recertify this year.  The NVSL is offering online sessions this year.  Please see the attached document for more information.


13+olders Preseason Meeting: All swimmers 13+older are invited to attend a Preseason Meeting on Friday, May 21 at 7pm at the Gallacher home (3408 Arnold Lane, Falls Church 22042).  Dinner will be provided, followed by the chance to catch up with coaches, plan pep rallies, and organize the Big Fin/Little Fin program.  Parents are welcome to drop off their child or stay.  Please wear a mask. 


Assessment Day:  Swimmers 8 years old and younger will participate in an Assessment Day on the first day of practice, Tuesday June 1st at 6:15pm.  Coaches will observe their skills and determine if they should practice with the Tropical Storms (our youngest group that teaches swimming fundamentals) or with the regular 8+under swimmers (where the emphasis will be on endurance and learning the 4 strokes).  All of our swimmers are Hurricanes!  We simply want to make sure each swimmer is practicing in a group with similar abilities. Parents of 8+under swimmers will be contacted with more information about Assessment Day in late May.


Parent Meeting: We will hold a Parent Meeting on the first day of practice, Tuesday June 1st at 6:00pm.  There will be an overview of the swim season: practices, meets, activities, relay carnivals, volunteering, and more!  This is especially useful for new swim parents, but even “old timers” might appreciate a refresher. 


Events Calendar:  It’s all online!  www.hrahurricanes.org The calendars include each social activity, meet, and team event.  There is also a posted Practice Schedule that will be helpful, especially if you have swimmers in more than one practice age group.


NVSL Guidelines:  The NVSL recently published guidelines for Dual Meets.  The Swim Team Committee (STC) has reviewed the guidelines and will make necessary modifications to our meets.  Most of the changes will occur “behind the scenes”, with a lot of specific communication between the host team and visiting team prior to the dual meets.  Some of the changes, however, will be visible and affect the way meets are run.  For example, each lane will now have one timer instead of three timers.  The STC and Team Reps are trying very hard to balance fun and team spirit with safety and distancing. 


Thanks in advance for registering your swimmer, volunteering, recertifying as an official, bringing your 8+under child to Assessment Day, attending the Parent Meeting, checking the Events Calendar frequently and being patient as we implement the NVSL Dual Meet Guidelines.  Y’all are the best!