Swim Team - Weekly Announcements

I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.” – Michael Phelps



Afternoon practices continue.  We see some interesting weather forecasted for this week, so bear with us as we balance the safety of swimmers, maximizing practice opportunities and providing ample notice to parents.

If your 8+under swimmer has not yet had their assessment, please come to a 6:15pm practice this week and tell Eric or Casey that your child needs to be assessed.  They will the let you know if they should continue practice with the 8+Under Hurricanes or if they should join the Tropical Storms practice on June 14th.


Updates from the NVSL:

  • The decision was made to cancel the All-Star Relay Carnival, previously scheduled for July 14.  This was “due to the size of the meet, space requirements, and the number of unvaccinated swimmers participating”.
  • Decisions about Divisional Relay Carnivals, Individual Championships (Divisionals) and the Individual All Star meet will be made shortly.
  • The masking requirements for swim meets (the guidelines that they said will never, ever change for 2021) are again being discussed.  Team Reps will pass down any updates ASAP.


Swimsuit Sales:

SportFair in Arlington will be coming to set up shop at HRA on Friday, June 11th, 4:00pm – 7:00pm.  You will have the opportunity to purchase a team suit (try before you buy!).  There will be 2 styles for boys – jammers and briefs – and several styles for the girls. 


If your child has outgrown their team suit, but it still has some life in it – BRING IT TO HAND DOWN TO ANOTHER SWIM FAMILY.   If you are not sure if your child will need a team suit, either because they will only be swimming in B meets or because you’re not sure if they will be in A meets – BUY A PLAIN BLACK SWIMSUIT.  www.swimoutlet.com has a great selection of athletic swimsuits that will work just fine.



T-shirts are arriving this week!  We will distribute them during practices down in the picnic table area. T-shirts should be worn to all A meets and B meets.  Hurricanes will also receive a new swim cap, which should be worn at meets.  (Tropical Storms will receive a T-shirt but no cap until they “graduate” up to swimming in B Meets)


Picture Day:

It’s happening, and we will let you know exactly when we figure it out.


Time Trials:

Time Trials is a meet just for Hurricanes and serves two purposes: 1) it allows each swimmer to get a recorded time in each of their strokes, and 2) it is a dress rehearsal for the adults to run a seamless, efficient swim meet.

  • We need ANY HELPFUL PEOPLE to show up at 7:00am to rearrange deck areas for spectators, set up the Hurricane Café, move the diving boards, put up backstroke flags, and set up the team area.
  • At 7:30am, all swimmers should be on deck in the team area.
  • Warm-ups begin at 7:40am; Officials have orientation meetings.
  • Saturday, June 11th at 8:00am we begin.

This meet is for all Hurricane swimmers.  Tropical Storms will not be participating in Time Trials, but we encourage them to come and cheer on their teammates and learn how the flow of a meet works.  We expect that the meet will be completed by 10:30am.


The Hurricane Café (our snack bar) will be serving breakfast foods, snacks and beverages. The swim team receives all profits from concessions sales, so come hungry!


There are still openings for volunteers to help at Time Trials:  HRARA: Hurricanes Volunteer Roster (signupgenius.com)   



Every parent is expected to help in some way.  Whether you help out at the Hurricane Café (our snack bar during meets) or participate as a lane timer or just move chairs as part of the set-up team – we need you!  The NVSL has reinstated their rule of three timers per lane, so we have added a lot more timer slots to our volunteer sign-up list.  You can sign up for EVERY MEET by viewing this SignUp Genius: HRARA: Hurricanes Volunteer Roster (signupgenius.com)

Reminder: If you are a deck official in need of recertification (that would be just about everyone this year), please:

  • Sign up to attend an online class (see attached schedule)
  • Attend your online class
  • Open the SignUp Genius and enter your name as a volunteer
  • Report back to your Team Reps to let them know.