What does NWB regarding meets in bad weather? We have LightHouse, our pool operator, following radar. If radar indicates that inclement weather is imminent,  the meet is suspended for 30 minutes. During the delay, both team Reps and coaches will confer on how to move forward. At NWB you h ave to leave the grounds and go to your cars.   We will update everyone by twitter and email once a decision is made. It may be that we wait out the storm, condense heats or cancel the meet entirely. Safety of our families will always be the driving factor for our decision.

Here are the official rules from MCSL:

Inclement Weather
1. Safety always comes first. Generally speaking, a meet may be held as long as there is no thunder and lightning, and it is not raining so hard that the main drain is not visible from the surface of the water. If it is raining hard enough such that stroke and turn judges cannot adequately perform their duties, the meet should be temporarily suspended.
2. Be aware of the pool’s inclement weather and evacuation policies should it be necessary to clear the pool deck due to lightning and/or thunder.
3. Preferably, the pool management company should have a representative on-hand during dual meets to handle inclement weather situations. If this is not possible, then the referee confers with the home rep and home coach, to decide whether or not to stop the meet.
4. If weather becomes so threatening that either of the team reps or the referee feels that the situation is dangerous, even if it does not meet the pool company rules for closing, the meet should be stopped and swimmers and spectators evacuated.
5. In the case of impending inclement weather, team reps should discuss contingencies in the days leading up to a meet and during the dual meet.
6. If weather postpones or interrupts a meet:
a. The meet must be rescheduled by mutual agreement of the team reps before the next scheduled dual meet, in general, before the next Saturday. If a time cannot be agreed upon, then the date/time shall be determined by the flip of a coin.
b. The rescheduled meet — or portion of the meet — is considered one continuous meet and all applicable MCSL rules apply as though the meet were swum as scheduled. Thus, the meet entry report and rosters originally exchanged on Friday are still in effect. Changes to those entries made at the original scratch meeting remain in effect. There is no new scratch meeting.