Parent Responsibilities and Volunteering

Interested in being a volunteer leader, email Jace at [email protected]


In summer swimming, volunteers run the meets. If you have a child that is swimming in the meet, they're going to need your help for the meet to run smoothly.
For all meets we need timers, a score keeper, ribbon writers, and parents helping to get swimmers organized for the events. At home meets, we need more volunteers as the host club. At a normal home meet we will need around 35 volunteers at a minimum.
For families that only have kickboarders on the team, we just ask that you make sure your child is behind the blocks during the national anthem. You're welcome to help with the scored meet as well, but volunteers should have a swimmer at the meet.
The good news about volunteering is it usually gives you a front row seat to the action and the jobs are extremely easy to do. Time goes a lot faster when you're focused on every event instead of only the 2-4 that your child may be swimming in.
For those that don't know what to do, or how to help, the easiest way to help is to be a timer. If you can hit a button when you see a flash and hear a horn, then hit that same button again when the swimmer in your lane touches the wall, you can be a timer. In the past, 3 were needed per lane, but this year the league is only requiring 1 per lane. That said, if someone is challenging a league record, 3 timers will need to time that lane.
Seek and Deploy
Every swimmer has an event card per event they swim. Organization is needed to distribute the cards and for the cards and swimmers to find their way to the blocks for their events. Typically the older swimmers have no trouble doing this on their own, but for swimmers 10 and under, it can be challenging to keep the kids together and to get them to their event in the right lane.
Prior to the meet, it is smart to use a body paint marker and write your child's name on their shoulder along with their event numbers. This helps the timers make sure that the correct swimmer is in the correct lane.
Parents with children swimming in the 5-8 and 9-10 groups are most likely to know the kids that need the most help getting to their event and make the best volunteers for seek and deploy.
Runner (home meets only)
For home meets, an easy way to help is being the runner. They collect the time cards and order of finish from every lane and deliver it to the scoring table. Always good to have at least two runners at home meets because of the pace of events.
KANDLE KRED for Raffle Prizes
For each meet that you volunteer at, you will receive Kandle Kred for raffle prizes at the end of the season. 
Volunteer Leaders: Receive $40 account credit
If you're interested in being a volunteer leader, please email Jace.

Scorer: (OPEN) Responsible for working the scoring table at all meets. Recruits order of finish for home meets.
Photographer:(OPEN) Takes photos at all meets and team functions. Gives files to Jace to post on social media. NO PHOTOGRAPHY MAY BE TAKEN BEHIND THE BLOCKS!
Ribbons: (OPEN) Writes ribbons for all meets. Recruits assistant ribbon writer 
Seek and Deploy (Alyssa Vicente): Ideally worked by a parent with 8 and under children. Organizes the round-up to get kids to events. Recruits someone to work the card table and two parents to find kids for events. Helps the 8 and under relays.
FUNctions:(Jenifer Bernstein) Works with the Kandles to plan, set up, and run team FUNctions.
Head Timer:(OPEN)  Responsible for running the timers' meeting at home meets and serves as head timer. Distributes and collects team's watches. Serves as alternate timer for away meets.