Friday Announcements/Time Trials/MASKING UPDATE/Monday Meet


“And so it begins, the great battle of our time”  - Gandalf


Swimsuit Sale

Drop into today’s afternoon practice to purchase a new team swimsuit from our friends at SportFair.  Don’t forget to bring gently-used suits from your swimmers who may now need a larger size – another family will appreciate it!  If you miss the Swimsuit Sale today, you can go to the SportFair retail store in Arlington, tell them you’re with Holmes Run Pool and they will know exactly what our team suits are and will also heat-press on the Hurricane logo for you.


Team T-shirts

Shirts will be available for pick-up starting today at afternoon practice.  Hurricanes who will be swimming in A or B Meets will also receive a new silicone swim cap.  Tropical Storms just need a shirt. 

We have 105 swimmers.  We have 105 t-shirts.  (i.e.  please don’t ask for a different size or Heidi will have a nervous breakdown)


Time Trials

If you’re able, please arrive around 7:00am so you can help us put finishing touches on a few things – moving the diving boards, stocking the Hurricane Café, etc.  Swimmers should arrive by 7:30am, Warm-ups will be at 7:40am, with the first events starting at 8:00am.  Tropical Storms will not be swimming in Time Trials, but are encouraged to come and cheer on their team-mates!

Breakfast foods – donuts, coffee, bagels & cream cheese - will be for sale at the Hurricane Café.  We will also have beverages and snacks available, too.


Masking at Meets

The NVSL has provided new guidelines for all swim teams to follow.  How to interpret and apply the guidelines were not as clear, so the teams in Division 12 collaborated together to decide how we would implement consistent protocols at all of our meets. The full NVSL guidelines are posted at and the Division 12 Protocols are available to read on the Documents section of our Team Unify website at   

In a nutshell: Division 12’s implementation of mask guidance does not make a distinction between swimmers, coaches, meet volunteers, meet officials (as defined in NVSL Rule 10.c), or family members and spectators.  Therefore:

 Ï Masks are to be worn by all unvaccinated individuals over the age of 2, including all swimmers 11 years old and younger, within the meet venue.

Ï Mask breaks are encouraged while distancing from other individuals. Like eating or hydrating, mask breaks tend to not be considered a "prolonged period of time".

 Ï Swimmers who are required to wear masks should be prepared with multiple masks and labelled Ziploc or similar bag(s) for storage. A good rule of thumb is for a swimmer to bring the same number of masks as events expected to swim


So, on that 3rd bullet point – all swimmers who will be wearing a mask should bring a labelled Ziploc bag with them to Clerk of Course.  Before their race, they will place their mask in the baggie and it will be ready for them at the end of their race.


Monday B Meet: Woodley @HRA

We host our Woodley friends at HRA this Monday.  At Monday morning practice, please find the clipboard where your swimmer can sign up to swim 2 strokes (and an IM, if they are able and interested).  If you do not sign up on the clipboard, please EMAIL [email protected]  by 2pm Monday to let us know what your child would like to swim.  For example:

Dear Team Reps,

Joseph Gallacher wants to swim Freestyle, Backstroke and IM on Monday Night.  Thanks for all you do!  You’re amazing!

Love, Heidi


New Volunteer Positions

There are a few new volunteer positions we have created for you.

  • Mask Runner (see the mask protocol above)
  • Grill Master/Mistress (great for people who don’t want to be around other people!)


That’s it for now.  You know you’ll hear from us again.

See you tomorrow!


Natalie and Heidi

Team Representatives