Swim Families! Exciting week ahead—three days of practice and our first virtual

Happy Sunday!  Lots going on this week!

This Week’s Practice Schedule:  We will have practice Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only this week.  Practice times are the same as last week!

  • 6 and Under:  4:30-5
  • 7-10:  5-5:45
  • 11 and older:  5:45-6:30

First Meet (Virtual) is on Saturday, June 19th  We need everyone participating to sign up for a volunteer role on that day.  Please sign up through the site.  Thank you to the following for agreeing to these leadership roles:

Referee:  Rebecca Monnikendam

Starter:  John Griner and John Hamann

Head Timer:  Squires Nolan

Head of Concessions:  Michele Bright

Announcer/Happy Hut DJ:  Meghan Lambert

Bookkeeper:  Monica Senthill

Head of Set Up:  Brandon Fish (Looking for a Co-lead!!  You do not need prior swim experience!))

Time/Meet Data Entry:  Geoffrey Roth (Looking for a 2nd person—good attention to detail.  No prior experience necessary! Our former volunteer will be training our new folks at the meet this Saturday.)

Some answers to questions:

  • What is a Virtual Meet?  Great question!  We set up just like an in-person meet—but we swim at our pool and the opposing teams will swim at their pool.  For Cheshire, we will use our times against two different teams, counting as two meets for eligibility for Divisionals.  There will be ribbons for two meets.  This is an exception due to COVID scheduling.  Normally this would count as one meet. 
  • Do I need to sign my swimmer up for the meet?  No.  All swimmers are considered to be swimming in the meet, unless you sign them OUT.  You need to do this by 10:00 a.m. the Wednesday before an event (or do it for any meet as soon as you know that you won’t be to participate.  If you don’t sign out your swimmer and then you do not come to the meet, it causes a delay in the start of the meet because we will need to reorganize each event we have your swimmer in.  Please do not be the reason we have to delay the start of the meet!  =   Go to the EVENTS tab on the website to SIGN OUT your swimmer or SIGN UP to volunteer for the meet.  Swim Meets are family run events.  That is what makes it so much fun—and we need all families to volunteer to help.  You all have been so awesome in the past and I do not expect there to be any issues this year because I know how much we all missed meets last year!  To those of you who have spoken to me privately about concerns about being able to volunteer during the meet, you are covered, and thank you for helping us during the week on projects we have. 
  • How do I know what is going on?  Our website, keep the calendar on our website up to date.  Our emails are posted under NEWS.  You SIGN OUT your swimmer if they can’t attend a meet or SIGN UP for a volunteer position if your swimmer will be participating in the meet.  We also post updates and immediate needs on our facebook page—Flying Fish.  Texts:  sent out if something is cancelled or we need some immediate action taken.
  • What about judges, timers, etc?  All three teams have agreed to have 4 stroke and turn judges for this meet (rather than 6) and all 18 timers each half.  In a “normal” meet we would have 6 judges and 18 timers per half—and each team would provide half of those volunteers.  So for this meet we will need more volunteers each half.  My thought was that we would have our new stroke and turn judges work each half and one of our experienced judges, Chris Bowers, to mentor you during the meet.  In order to do that, we need folks to complete their stroke and turn training before Saturday.   THANK YOU so much to all who are doing this—we probably need a few more parents to commit to this.  Completing the training does not mean that you have to be a judge each meet, it means you are able to be a judge each meet.
  • Can I be a timer if I am new to the swim team?  YES!  It’s a great way to jump in and get your proverbial feet wet in swim!  There are 3 timers per lane—so, while we want all to be as accurate at possible, if you have a brain fart during the meet, we’ve got you covered and it won’t hurt a thing!  Jump in!  Sign up to be a timer!  We need you!
  • What is the Zoo and what do the “Zoo keepers” do?  This is what we call those who help the Clerk of Course.  They help organize the swimmers by event and get them lined up.  Then some will walk them to the lanes to the chairs.  This actually was my favorite volunteer position.  You get to know all the swimmers and keep the meet running smoothly—because of your great efforts all of our swimmers get to their lanes on time!  You need to enjoy managing chaos at first because for the first few meets, the swimmers are getting the hang of things.
  • Will the 6&Unders swim in this meet?  Yes!  All swimmers will swim in this first meet. After that, coaches will determine who will swim in our Friday Guppy Meet and who will swim in our Saturday meets.  Guppy Meets are new this year.  We want to make sure that all of our swimmers have the best experience and focus on their own growth.  Our plan is to host Guppy Meets during Friday practices the day before meets.  We will have our teens help time and our 7-10 year olds help mentor our youngest and get them to their events.  We will celebrate with popsicles at the end of the meet.  We will still have swim time for all ages on Friday.
  • Will there be food there at the meet?  We are excited to announce that our Concessions will be open thanks to Michele Bright! For this meet, we will have drinks and breakfast foods only.  And, after each swimmer has completed all of their events, their family can enjoy free snow cones!  At our next meets, we will have our normal burgers, hotdogs, chicken on a stick, etc and snow cones will be for sale.
  • How long will it last?  Since just our team is swimming, some things will run more quickly.  However, since it is the first meet most of our swimmers have not swum in a meet in a while (or ever), some individual events may take longer.  We anticipate the timing being:  7:00-11:00. 
    • 7-7:15:  check in at the zoo
    • 7:00-7:50:  swimmer warm ups
    • 7:45:  judges and timers meeting with the referee
    • 8:00:  National Anthem
    • 8:03:  First Event
    • 9:45:  half-time with parent relays
    • 11:00:  end of meet and clean up/reset up pool

Upcoming:  Morning Practices Begin on June 21st!

                7:15-8:00              7-10 year olds  (This week; next week they will have the late practice)

                8:00-8:30              6&Unders (always at this time!)

                8:30-9:15              11&Olders (This week; next week they will have the early practice)

Muffin Monday on June 21st:  It’s going to feel early to our swimmers on their first morning practice.  To make their morning a little easier, we are hosting Muffin Monday for that first a.m. practice.  A sign up genius will be on our facebook page—Flying Fish.

Thank you for reading this long email!  As always, I am here if you have questions.  I may not know the answer, but I will commit to finding it for you!  See you soon!

Tracy   [email protected]  407-963-1094