Cards Fundraiser Starts Today

 Hi Lancer Families!

We had a wonderful first day of morning practice and we can't wait to see everyone tomorrow.  Today at practice we passed out the packets for our current fundraiser (which has huge potential in profits for our team).  Please see Lancer Lady Lacey Yoho tomorrow at practice if you are in need of an envelope.  Please read all the information below about it!

What is it?


*Five different decorative boxes are available. Each contains 30 beautifully embellished, hand-crafted greeting cards with matching envelopes. 

*Dollar store priced cards at a much better quality - $3o/box!

*The Holiday card box contains 50 cards!

*See the flyer in your packet for the types of boxes. You can also share our facebook post/graphics. Here is a video of the cards as well: 


How does it work?

*Collect Card Box orders and record on the order form.

*Collect payment now (cash or check to Lake Ridge Lancers)

*Advertise to friends, graduates, grandma's, neighbors for two weeks. All orders and payments will be collected on Monday, June 28th.

Then an order will be placed by Coach Lauren for all the boxes. They will be delivered within 1-2 weeks. Then we will distribute out to you to deliver.



*Profit $13 per box sold (43% return)!!!

If every family sold just 5 boxes - we would raise over $5000 for the team!

*Cards are needed all year round!

*1 box of 30 pretty cards for only $30=1 Happy Customer

*Easy to sell=Reaching our fundraising goal quickly!

Please reach out to Coach Lauren or Lacey Yoho if you have any questions about the fundraiser!