June Time Trial Review

Our team continues to get faster and faster every time we get off the blocks! Our Hurricanes Time Trial on June 13 had an incredible number of big break throughs. Really fun to see the improvements our swimmers have made throughout the season without the extra motivation from traveling to meets and racing against swimmers from other clubs. When we return to normal competitions we will definitely be ready to go!

Congratulations to Cameron, Vincent and Evelyn who all broke the four minute mark in the 200m Individual Medley for the first time! Next year they will all be qualified to race at Lower Mainland Regional Meets. Cameron was well under the mark with a really strong breaststroke to improve his time by five seconds! Vincent took off 12 seconds to get his time and Evelyn improved by 10 seconds to beat the mark!  The 200m Individual Medley was a big event for us with almost everyone moving closer to the four minute standard by taking off a ton of time from the last time they raced it. Calais improved by 10 seconds with her goggles falling off on the dive, Pippa raced to a 7 second improvement, Evan dropped 10 seconds and Frank our May LMR qualifier lowered his time again!

Every time trial has had more swimmers participating from Monsoon and Swim Academy! It’s great to see so many swimmers taking advantage of these competitions to learn and improve their swimming. This time we had a big focus on the 50m Freestyle which was the last event. Great work by Esme, Olivia F, Tiam, Rhett and Ryan W who all raced the event for the first time! Big time drops by all the other Swim Academy and Monsoon swimmers who have raced the 50m Freestyle. Calais, Rohan, Vincent, Nika, Harris, Chelsea, Holly, Pippa, Bianca, Frank, Madelyn and Evan who all had great races to finish the session!

We couldn’t be happier for our two new SwimBC Provincial Championships qualifiers, Henry and Claire! Henry has been close to qualifying for Provincials in a number of events and finally broke through in the 50m Butterfly breaking the standard by .5 seconds! All year Claire has been racing so well and really put together a fast 50m Butterfly to become our youngest Provincial qualifier this season! Jessica added to her list of Provincial standards with a team record time in the 100m Backstroke!

A few more highlights from the Tsunami, Typhoon and Pursuit swimmers. Henry took off 20 seconds in his 200m Breaststroke to race to a new Divisional time! Claire and Stella both finally swam their frist 200m Butterfly’s with really strong swims qualifying them for Divisionals! Saige took off a ton of time in both the 100m and 200m Backstroke! Garrick had a big drop in his 200m Breaststroke as he gets closer to his first Divisional time! Brooke had a really well paced 200m Freestyle with a big time drop! Emma raced her first 200m Butterfly, our only 10&under to swim the event this year! Nicole had a great meet racing to best times in all three events and breaking 2:20 in the 200m Freestyle for the first time! Phillipa and Mia raced the 200m Breaststroke for the first time! Ally broke 1:20 in the 100m Backstroke! Kourosh swam at his first competition in three years and raced to a Divisional time in the 50m Freestyle! Jessica had an outstanding 200m Breaststroke, breaking 2:40 for the first time while setting a team record! Lucas raced his first 200m Breaststroke! Atria had a lot of speed in her 50m Backstroke to race to her Divisional time in the event! Marcus had an impressive 200m Backstroke!

We encourage all Hurricanes swimmers to train through the summer. We will be hosting two time trials that will have Officials on deck to get sanctioned times for our swimmers. July 3 from 9:00am-12:00pm and July 17 from 1:45-7:00pm. We encourage all swimmers who are training to get off the blocks. Any swimmers who have a busy summer schedule but would like to hit the pool whenever possible should talk to Brad regarding their training.

100% Best Times
Henry, Cameron, Calais, Claire, Vincent, Harris, Rhett, Nicole, Chelsea, Pippa, Bianca, Kourosh, Evelyn, Madelyn, Lucas, Evan

New Team Records
15&over Girls

1:06.80 – 100m Backstroke – Jessica Strong (was Cami Hill 1:07.11, 2018)
1:12.87 – 100m Breaststroke – Jessica Strong (was Katie Bell 1:13.92, 2010) June 5 Time Trial
2:37.40 – 200m Breaststroke – Jessica Strong (was Katie Bell 2:42.14, 2009)

New Time Standards

Lower Mainland Regional Meets
Cameron Chen                  200m Individual Medley
Vincent Geoffrion            200m Individual Medley
Evelyn Wan                         200m Individual Medley

SwimBC Divisional Championships
Henry Brewster                 200m Breaststroke
Claire DeCoteau                200m Butterfly
Stella Harris                        200m Butterfly
Kourosh Shahbazi             50m Freestyle
Atria Zehtab                       50m Backstroke

SwimBC Provincial Championships
Henry Brewster                 50m Butterfly
Claire DeCoteau                50m Butterfly
Jessica Strong                    100m Backstroke