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Spartan Swim Club year end dates Cheam Pool


Beginners: Friday June 25th, 2021


Starters: Wednesday June 28th or Thursday June 30th depending on your group.


Pre-Yellow: Wednesday June 28th


Stroke and Development: Thursday June 30th

We will be running Mini-meets for the Cheam Groups Wednesday, Thursday and Friday June 23rd, 24th, 25th so all the athletes get the chance to race before the end of season. 


Spartan Swim Club year end dates Landing Centre 


All Landing Centre groups will be concluded as of Saturday July 3rd

There will be no swimming July 1st but we will swim regular schedule July 2-3rd.


July 5th – 16th we will be running extra programming for those who have expressed interest in it. Please email Coach Justin at [email protected] to sign up for July swimming if you have not yet done so. 


July 17th – 18th we will be hosting a sanctioned dual meet against the Richmond Rapids for our competitive swimmers. We will also be having a club pancake breakfast prior to the start of the meet July 18th Sunday morning. More details about the swim meet and the pancake breakfast will be provided shortly


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