Update for Week of June 20th Morning Practice Begins--WOOHOO!

Swim Families!  Thank you so much for  all of  your hard work and great efforts at yesterday’s meet!  It takes a village to run a swim meet—and boy am I thankful I am a part of your village!  If you are like me, the reward is seeing (and hearing) the excitement and happiness  all of  our swimmers experienced yesterday.  It was fun to see how seriously some of our youngest Big Fish took their job—helping our youngest!  Watching our teens  helping out  wherever needed.  And our  youngest—overcoming  their jitters and jumping in to cheers from the team!  


And how about our great new Referee, Starter, Chief Timer and Announcer?  Way to go Rebecca  Monnikendam , John Hamann, Squires Nolan and Meghan Lambert!!  And special thanks  goes  to  all of  our judges who have completed their training and judged yesterday and those who are in the process of completing their online training.  If you have an interest in becoming a stroke and turn judge, you can complete the online training at  There is an upfront cost of $25 that we will reimburse when we receive your certificate of completion.   


Our team has always been about more than just the swimmer’s timed race.  We work to build a community where memories are created, leaders are developed, and our focus is on progress, not perfection.  You all definitely played a role in making that happen yesterday.  Thank you.  


We start morning practices this week!  WOOHOO!  Welcome summer break!  To reward our swimmers for getting up early their first Monday of vacay—we are having Muffin Monday!   Thank you to those who have signed up on the  Sign Up  Genius to bring something.  We could still use a few more mini muffins or donuts and drinks.  After each practice we will have some snacks for them—and encourage those who have the time to stay and hang out—please do!  


Practice times are:  

7:15-8:00 7-10 year  olds  (next week this age group will be the late practice)  

8:00-8:30 6 and  unders  

8:30-9:15 11 and  olders  (next week this age group will be the early practice)  

For those who have camps/work and  can’t  make morning practices, our coaches are offering two nighttime practices on Monday and Wednesday from 8:00-8:45  p.m.   You need to contact Coach Manon if you plan to attend the nighttime practices each  week  so she knows how many swimmers/ages to expect. This is not an extra practice for those who are going to the morning practice—it is only for those who have camps,  work  or other reasons for missing this week’s morning practices.    


Meet this Week!  We are swimming at home against River Walk Gaters.  They typically are a strong team who have fun cheers and a mascot.  I am looking for some of our artists to make some Welcome signs for the River Walk team that we will hang up on their side of the pool.  And if some want to make some Cheshire Forest signs for us to hang up on our side of the pool—great!  

A few notes about our meet:  

  • 1.  If your family won’t be able to swim this week—please sign out asap--Coach will pull the list of swimmers participating on Wednesday at 10 a.m.  You Sign Out through our website—  Go to the EVENTS tab, go to the River Walk meet, Edit Commitment button.    

  • 2.  If your family is swimming this weekend, we need you to sign up to volunteer on our site,  As you can see—this is critical for our meets to run!  This is a team sport!  Different from this weekend, River Walk will supply half of the judges and half of the timers—so we will need 3 judges per half and nine timers per half.  If you are having trouble logging in or figuring out how to sign up, let me know and I will help you.    

  • 3.  We will have a half-time parent relay—and this is a team pride moment—because River Walk usually has multiple relay teams so I’m hoping we can field at least one!  Please sign up.  This is in addition to a regular volunteer position.  

  • 4.  Help make some of our  concessions  food.  We serve pasta salad, fruit salad, chicken on a stick—and we need volunteers to prep these items prior to the meet.  Michele Bright  is in charge of   concessions  and she has the recipes.  Please contact her at  [email protected]  to get that information.  This is a volunteer position that takes place before the  meet  and we hope you will also sign up for a volunteer job during the meet as  well  so we are fully staffed.  Snow Cones will be sold during the whole meet for  all of  our meets.  And we will have all the things we had at yesterday’s meet (breakfast sandwiches, coffee, snacks, etc.)  We are cash only concession stand!  

  • 5.  Heat.  WOW.  It was a  scorcher  and we will probably have more meets that are scorchers.  If you have a cooling hat, towel, neckband we recommend you use it.  Please make sure  all of  your family members have water bottles with them.  I was worried about some of our grandparents yesterday—and we love having our grandparents at our meets—we just want to make sure everyone is safe.  If you need a canopy to put up—let us know—I have one at home that someone can borrow and there may be other families that have extras to share.  I am looking at getting more umbrella bases so we can use more table umbrellas around the pool deck.  If anyone has any other ideas on ways we can mitigate the heat, let me know.    

  • 6.  Guppy Meet this Friday during practice!  We will have our first ever Guppy Meet on Friday.  Coach will be letting us know soon who will swim Friday’s meet in place of Saturday’s meet soon.  Guppies will focus on freestyle and backstroke.  Junior Coaches will be there to help them.  Teens will time them.  We will celebrate with popsicles afterwards.  Parents can still come cheer and can help time if they want to!  We hope that as we progress during the summer our current Guppies will graduate to swimming during a Saturday meet.  


Team Photos.  Once our photographer is back, we will work on a date for team photos.  It will probably need to be one morning practice, but that is not confirmed.    


Thank you for reading this far!  It’s going to be a great season!  Thank you all for your tremendous support and hard work!  Together we make great things happen!  Talk with you soon!  


Tracy   [email protected]  407-963-1094