A Meet Results/B Meet Planning/Change to Friday Practice Times


“Don’t stop when you’re tired.  Stop when you’re done.” - Marilyn Monroe


Congratulations to our Hurricanes on their first win of the season!  The final score was 213 HRA – 189 Truro.  Every swimmer is important, every point counts, and each relay is soooooo exciting.  Results are attached to this email and also posted in the Documents section of our Team Unify webpages. Another proud moment for Olive Dunn, who broke her own record (set just one week ago) in the Girls 9-10 25y Butterfly!


Sign up for B meet events.  Swimmers are eligible to swim two strokes, plus an Individual Medley (if they are able and willing).  If a swimmer placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd in an A meet event yesterday, they cannot swim that same stroke at the B meet.  We will have a sign-up sheet circulating at Monday morning practice where swimmers can declare what they’d like to swim.  If you miss the sign up or are not at Monday practice, email [email protected] by NOON MONDAY to let us know what you’d like to swim.  Tropical Storms will not yet be swimming at the B meet, but are encouraged to come and cheer on their team-mates.

Absences for the A Meet on Saturday, June 26th. Please let us know if your swimmer will not be able to participate in the A Meet.  We understand that there are camps, family trips, and health reasons that may prevent your child from occasionally not competing.  No judgement.  Really. But we NEED TO KNOW by Wednesday at NOON so the coaches can create the best meet sheet for the team.


Change to Friday Practice Schedule.  We’re trying something new and cool this Friday for morning practices.

All Hurricanes who practice at 7:45 (13-18), 8:45 (9-12) and 9:45 (8ish-es) will combine for a 9:00am Fun Friday Practice.  There will be relays, cheers, prizes and meet sheet announcements!

Tropical Storms practice will follow from 10:00am – 10:30am.


Monday B Meet: Camelot @HRA

  • Parking: We want our visiting team to have plenty of space to park in our lot, so we ask that Hurricane families either 1) walk to the pool, 2) park at Woodburn Elementary and walk to the pool, or 3) park on a street in Holmes Run Acres, taking special care to not block any driveway.
  • Volunteer Slots: We still need (1) Stroke/Turn Judge, (5) Timers, (2) Marshals (arrive before 4:45pm), (4) Set-Up (arrive at 4:15pm), (1) Mask Runner, and (3) helpers at the Hurricane Café (arrive at 4:30pm).  All deck officials should wear navy blue bottoms and white tops (also, bring a water bottle!) This all works easily if everyone does a little to help: HRARA: Hurricanes Volunteer Roster (signupgenius.com) 
  • Timeline of Events
    • 4:15pm – Set Up Crew arrives to set up spectator chairs, move diving boards, remove pool ladders, set up tables for data team and concessions, move food from storage down to Hurricane Café, set up Clerk of Course area
    • 4:45pm – Referee briefing with Team Reps, Coaches, Marshalls
    • 4:50pm – Hurricane swimmers arrive
    • 5:00pm – Hurricane Warm-Ups
    • 5:30pm – Timer Meeting; Stroke/Turn Judges Meeting
    • 5:20pm – Camelot Warm-Ups
    • 5:25pm – Stroke/Turn Meeting with Referee in baby pool area
    • 5:35pm – Timers Meeting outside Lower Bathhouse
    • 5:40pm – Pool is cleared
    • 6:00pm – Meet Begins

Order of Events: Freestyle, Backstroke, IM, Breaststroke, Butterfly

Swimmers and families are welcome to stay and cheer or leave after their events

  • Masking: All people over the age of 2 who are unvaccinated are expected to wear a facemask.  Swimmers in the team area and Clerk of Course should keep their masks on.  Masks should be removed before entering the pool for a swim event and placed in a baggie labelled with your name. 

All masked swimmers are encouraged to take regular "breaks" by distancing themselves from others, removing their mask for fresh air and drinking plenty of fluids.  If they begin to feel overheated, dizzy, or weak, they should keep their mask on and get the attention of a coach immediately.


  • Hurricane Café will be open for dinner!  The menu includes: Hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, pizza, snacks, candy and ice-cold beverages.  Reminder that all profits from the Hurricane Café go back to the swim team – this is how we keep your registration fees low and still pay for things like amazing coaches, t-shirt and caps, activities, and supplies.  Spend freely and without guilt: Cash or cards are accepted.


See you tomorrow!



With love and affection,

Heidi and Natalie

Team Representatives