Families of 6&Unders--Guppy Meet Update!

Hi!  Since this is our first time hosting a Guppy meet, I wanted to go over how things will go this  them  

  • b.  Will jump in and swim but still needs the coach in lane with  swimming  

  • d.  Can swim on their own, may want to hold on to lane line or stop at times while swimming the length of the pool (probably ready to swim in full meet)  

  • e.  Can swim whole length of the pool on their own (ready to swim in full meet)  

  • 4.  Coach will make the decision of who will swim in Saturday’s meet after the Guppy Meet on Friday.    

  • 5.  You only sign out your swimmer if you are not going to be able to swim on Saturday--do this before 10 a.m. on Wednesday.  

  • 6.  Your swimmers are part of the  relay  and we end with a treasure hunt for each age group.  There will be skill appropriate activities for our 6&unders to participate in as well as free swim time.  


Thank you so much for  all of  your support as we work through this new way of doing things.  We appreciate your volunteering and hard work to help us make great memories for  all of  our swimmers!  


Tracy   [email protected] 407-963-1094