Quick Turn Around Deadlines!

Tshirts, Friday Schedule, Team Volunteering.

Because we have had so many additional folks asking to buy the t-shirts, we are putting in another order TOMORROW (Friday, June 25) at NOON. If you wish to purchase a 2021 t-shirt, you need to order by 11 a.m. on Friday, June 25th.  You can place an order by sending me an email to [email protected] or text me at 407-963-1094.  If you have already told me you want a t-shirt on the fb posting with the t-shirt photo, I will take that as your order.  I will be at the pool from 6-7:30 today (Thursday) and you can come over and make an order/pick up your previous order.  You can also do it at tomorrow's practice.  You can pay when you order or when they come in.  They are $16 a t-shirt.

Tomorrow's schedule is the same as it has been all week long..  During the 6 & Under practice time we will host our first Guppy Meet.  6& Unders should wear their team suits! We would love as many 7-10 year olds to stay to cheer them on as are able.  We will ask some of them to swim with the flags during the National Anthem.  Coach has asked some of the teens to be our timers.  After the Guppy Meet we will have popsicles.  The 11 and olders will have practice after the Guppy Meet (approximately the same start time as usual and will have popsicles afterwards..)  Coach will let us know which 6 & unders will also swim in the Saturday Meet.

Saturday's Meet.  Yes, we need all families to volunteer during the meet.  When everyone volunteers, no one has too heavy a load to lift--literally and figuratively.  I know this is new to many of you--and you may be reluctant to jump in--but we need you.  I know some of you have been on the team for years and are ready to take a step back--but we need you too.  Thank you for your help and support to run our meets!  

Results from our Virtual Meet.  Yes, I thought we would have them by now and understand why some of you are asking.  I was just notified that our Southside team will have the results done by Sunday.  The person doing this manages/coaches multiple teams and is busy until then.  Due to weather, Cavalier had to postpone their meet until next week.  Their club allows them usage of their pool typically on Tuesdays.  They are ready to merge the results after they swim and we should have those by Thursday of next week if they swim on Tuesday.  During our Saturday meet vs River Walk,  we will post results at least once during the meet--at half-time.  And later on Saturday we should be able to post them on our website.  I will let you know when they are posted on our team site.  The league has not received the ribbons yet (supply chain issues that many places are experiencing.)  As soon as we receive them, we have a volunteer ready to put them together.  We have a Ribbon Box that has a file for each family--we will have it out at practices for the swimmers to get their ribbons.

Picture Night!  Photographer Deb is back from her fabulous trip and we have set our team picture night for Wednesday, June 30th at 7:15--meet behind the clubhouse in your suits.  If you have already completed your paperwork--bring it with you.  If it got wet, the dog ate it, or something else happened and you need new paperwork, it is posted on the front page of our site and there will be order forms that night.  If you complete your paperwork ahead of time, things will run more quickly.  If you forget, no worries, Deb always brings some additonal order forms..  

Thank you all for your patience and great humor--we all need it as we wade back into our "normal" after COVID.  If you have questions, please reach out to me!  Talk with you soon!

Tracy   [email protected]  407-963-1094