B Meet Results and Weekly Announcements


“Swimming is normal for me.  I’m relaxed.  I’m comfortable and I know my surroundings.  It’s my home.” – Michael Phelps


Thanks to everyone who contributed to our great meet with Camelot last night!  Meet results are attached to this email and also available on the Documents section of Team Unify.  Fun Fact #1:  Team Unify has the TEAM PICTURE  (Documents) , archived copies of our riveting emails (News) and information about activities and meets (Events).   Fun Fact #2: You can download the TEAM PICTURE yourself, but only after you’re done reading through this whole email.   www.hrahurricanes.org 


Will your swimmer be gone this Saturday?  If so, please email [email protected] ASAP.  We must let the coaches know by Wednesday noon which swimmers will not be here, so they are not included in the meet sheet.  Thank you to everyone who has already submitted this information – everybody else, let us know!


Reminder about Fun Friday Practice.  All Hurricanes who practice at 7:45 (13-18), 8:45 (9-12) and 9:45 (8ish-es) will combine for a 9:00am Fun Friday Practice.  There will be relays, cheers, prizes and meet sheet announcements!

Tropical Storms practice will follow from 10:00am – 10:30am.


Family Potluck Dinner, Trivia Contest, and Pep Rally begins at 6:00pm on Friday.  It’s Pasta and Trivia Night!  Food assignments are by family last name: Holmes Run Acres Hurricanes : Event (teamunify.com)


A - G: Salad with a bottle of dressing

H - N: Pasta and/or sauce (ideas: mac & cheese, pesto pasta, buttered noodles, plain pasta with sauce on the side, spaghetti and meatballs, etc.)

O - Z:  Toasted Bread, garlic or otherwise 

Each family is welcome to bring a tablecloth and their own beverages (lemonade will be provided) and enjoy socializing.  We’ll divide up into adult teams and kid teams to enjoy a fun trivia night!  There will be PRIZES!  And BRAGGING RIGHTS!  Pep rally and cheers will follow.  All swim families are invited, regardless of if you’re participating in A meets, B meets, or are Tropical Storms.


Saturday Morning A Meet: Hayfield Farms @HRA

  • Parking: We want our visiting team to have plenty of space to park in our lot, so we ask that Hurricane families either 1) walk to the pool, 2) park at Woodburn Elementary and walk to the pool, or 3) park on a street in Holmes Run Acres, taking special care to not block any driveway.
  • Volunteer Slots: Right now, we still need (2) Marshals (arrive at 7:45am), (2) Timers, (5) Set-Up, arrive at 7:00am, (1) Mask Runner, (4) Relay Take-Off Judges, no experience required, and (3) people to help at the Hurricane Café (especially with set-up, starting at 7:30am), and (2) folks to work the grills.  All deck officials should wear navy blue bottoms and white tops (also, bring a water bottle!) This all works easily if everyone does a little to help: HRARA: Hurricanes Volunteer Roster (signupgenius.com) 
  • Timeline of Events – Swimmers will dress as their favorite SUPER HERO!
    • 7:00am – Set Up Crew arrives to set up spectator chairs, move diving boards, remove pool ladders, set up tables for data team and concessions, move food from storage down to Hurricane Café, set up Clerk of Course area
    • 7:45am – Referee briefing with Team Reps, Coaches, Marshalls
    • 7:50am – Hurricane swimmers arrive
    • 8:00am – Hurricane Warm-Ups
    • 8:20am – Hayfield Farm Warm-Ups
    • 8:25am – Stroke/Turn Meeting with Referee in baby pool area
    • 8:35am – Timers Meeting outside Lower Bathhouse
    • 8:40am – Pool is cleared
    • 9:00am – Meet Begins

Order of Events: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly (BREAK) Relays

  • Masking: All people over the age of 2 who are unvaccinated are expected to wear a facemask.  Swimmers in the team area and Clerk of Course should keep their masks on.  Masks should be removed before entering the pool for a swim event and placed in a baggie labelled with your name. 

All masked swimmers are encouraged to take regular "breaks" by distancing themselves from others, removing their mask for fresh air and drinking plenty of fluids.  If they begin to feel overheated, dizzy, or weak, they should keep their mask on and get the attention of a coach immediately.


  • Hurricane Café will be open for breakfast!  The menu includes Anita’s Breakfast Burritos, bagels and cream cheese, donuts, coffee, fruit, snacks, candy and ice-cold beverages.  We’ll also fire up the grills for burgers and dogs as we round into lunchtime.  Cash or cards are accepted.


Save the Date – Todd Potts IM Carnival.  Wednesday, July 14 at 4pm.  It was on, then off, and now it’s on again.  All swimmers who can swim a “legal” Individual Medley are encouraged to show their stuff at this fun carnival event.  More details to come…



Hopelessly Devoted To You,

Heidi and Natalie

Team Representatives