Greetings from the Glenwood newsroom.

What a week!

Swimmers chomped down their first $1 Wednesday morning breakfast of the season and then had a blast a few hours later at the summer’s first B-meet. (Disclaimer: No guppies or cicadas were harmed in the making of this production.)

If you want to check out the B-meet results, we put it on our Twitter. But you’re already here, so you can also see it here.

Looking ahead, we have a pep rally this evening at 6:30 p.m. on the back deck.

Our Tigers will entertain the Glenwood crowd with a display of whatever talents they deem stage worthy. Parents, thank you for watching the pep rally from a distance last Friday so the swimmers and coaches could spread out more on the deck. Please continue to do the same throughout the season to help keep everyone safe.

Glenwood vs. Clarksburg Village

After the pep rally, it’s time to rest up for an early start Saturday morning. That’s right—we’re hitting the road for the team’s second A-meet. Parent volunteers, we still need a clerk-of-course and an automation results verifier. If you’re able to help, please contact Team Rep Roland Schrebler.

Here’s a checklist to get you ready for the meet:

  1. Check the A-meet lineup sent Thursday by the coaches. If you see your child’s name on the list, they’re in the meet. If your swimmer is not in the lineup, they may still want to come to the meet to cheer on the team (Glenwood spirit travels).
  2. Meet the team in the Glenwood parking lot at 7:20 a.m. on Saturday. Please have your swimmer(s) check in with Coach Kelly, decorate your car, and join the Glenwood caravan out to 23075 Turtle Rock Terrace in Clarksburg. Those families driving directly to the meet should let the coaches know and plan to join the team there at 8 a.m. Directions to the Clarksburg Village pool are here.
  3. Park in the pool lot or directly across the street at Wilson Wims Elementary School.
  4. All attendees must bring face masks. Masks must be worn by everyone inside Clarksburg Village’s club house and restrooms. Thank you for respecting this request by our host.
  5. After you enter the pool through the locker rooms, our team area is directly in front of the shallow end of the pool deck and under the gazebo next to the baby pool. Chairs are available, or you may bring your own.
  6. There will be no traditional concessions provided by our host. You may pack your own or pre-order now from Hangry Panda Food Truck. Ordering instructions are here.

We’ll send you the meet program via email and Twitter as soon as it’s made available by Clarksburg Village, so watch for that this evening.

Before we sign off, here’s another quick reminder to pick up inexpensive, 100% cotton, green t-shirts for your swimmers to decorate on July 7. This is a favorite Tiger tradition and we’re doing it earlier this summer so swimmers can show off their Glenwood-inspired handiwork throughout the action-packed second half of the season.

That’s all the news for now. Swim fast, Tigers!—Your Team Reps