Upcoming news and schedules for Pirates and SCAT

Hard to believe it is July 1st!  The summer feels like such a sprint.  I just wanted to reach out again and review the schedule for the remainder of our 2020-21 season!  The crazy year of Covid will be behind us.

As I have stated, the ownership/leadership of SCAT will be transferring from myself (and Jamey Myers as consultant) to a new Head Coach as of August 2nd.  My role was interim until we could find a viable coach/owner to take the helm of SCAT.  I will remain with SCAT through the transition and have offered our new coach my services if he chooses to keep me on staff.  That said, I trust you will start to hear more directly (in August) from him, rather than myself so each of you will get a chance to see his vision for SCAT.  I sincerely believe this is the best for the team and trust you will see this as soon as you get to know him.

I am so excited for you to meet him and know that SCAT has a great future moving into our 2021-22 season!.

That said, we have the most exciting part of our 2020-21 season still ahead!   We are heading into our Championship season which means more swim meets and different practice times.

PIRATES - Our last meet will be tomorrow, but practices will continue through Thursday, July 15th.  Don't miss the last weeks of fun.  Thanks to all of our famlies that participated and especially those that chose to volunteer to time.  It was an interesting season of intrasquad meets only.  The highlight was one hour meets!  Please don't get used to the future we hope to compete with other teams at other locations!

BRONZE/SILVER/GOLD - We will still have practice this Saturday (Silver and Gold) 7/3  and the Dynamo meet the weekend of July 9-11.  The last practice will be July 15th and the season will end with the Age Group Championship meet at GA Tech on July 15-18th.  

SENIOR/NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT - There will be Saturday practices 7/3 and 7/17.  There will be no practice 7/10 due to the Dynamo meet.  The last practice will be Thursday 7/22 as we head into Senior State Championships 7/23-25th.   We will switch the practice times the week of 7/19 to 7/22 to 8:00 - 9:30am.  Everybody loves an extra hour of sleep in the morning and will help us go into the meet rested and ready to race!

We would like to extend an extra thank you to Coach Ronica and JC!  Their last day coaching on deck will be July 15th.  Coach Cathy and Denise will be on deck for the week of 7/19 and Senior State.  Ronica and JC will make sure our swimmers are well prepared for State and share the taper plan for Denise to follow.  

Our registration for our new season will open online to our current families on July 15th.  Registration will open to new familes on July 19th.  Please be sure to mark your calendar as we always anticipate our rosters to fill quickly.  

Practice times/fees and registration information can be found here.   You can anticpate similar practice times to last year's schedule and a 3% Cost of living increase in fees.

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