Greetings from the Glenwood newsroom.

Once each season, we celebrate our graduating seniors. But this summer—this week in fact—we send off two groups of seniors.

The festivities begin this morning with the Big-Team tradition of decorating green t-shirts. Swimmers should bring their all-cotton, green tees to the back deck during practices to make their own Glenwood-inspired designs.

Except for 13-18s, swimmers will decorate their shirts 30 minutes before their morning practice and pick them up after practice. The 13-18s will design immediately after practice.  Once bleached, the tees will need to "set" for about an hour and must be washed at home before wearing.

Here’s the schedule for this activity:

8:20 a.m.  11-12s

9:00 a.m.  13-18s

9:10 a.m.   9-10s

9:50 a.m.   8-and-unders

Parents of 9-10s and 8-and-unders, please try to stay and help your child with the designing and rinsing of their shirts! Because supplies are limited and bleach is used in this activity, we recommend pre-team swimmers not participate.

All this activity is bound to make your swimmers hungry, so please remind them to bring a dollar to practice today for the weekly $1 Wednesday breakfast!


Once your swimmers have their t-shirts decorated and washed, they can wear them to the big B-meet this evening to celebrate the “Super Seniors” of 2020.

These are the Glenwood Tigers who would have graduated to the applause of teammates, coaches, and parents at the final home A-meet last year, had we been able to have a real season. They waited a long time for this day, so let’s send them off with style and lots of love!

The Glenwood graduates of 2020 are: Caroline Robertson, Sammy Hermans, Elias Chen, Ryann Cuddy, Michael Egan, Lila Feldmann, Emma Bruckwick, Ben Campion, Sean McCaffrey, Ruby Farber, Nick Henderson, and Mary DiMartino. 

Warmups for the meet begin at 5 p.m. and the very first race at 5:45 p.m. is a special one! Get ready to cheer on the pre-team, as our littlest Tigers appear in their first meet of the season!

Parents, it's a busy night, so give yourselves a break and leave the dinner planning to the Glenwood Grill, open for business and serving up BBQ goodies, snacks, and drinks.


As we head into the weekend, we turn to celebrating the Glenwood graduates of 2021.

First up is the pep rally on Friday, July 9, at 6:30 p.m. on the back deck.

The theme is “Senior Send-Off,” designed around this class of 2021: Jack Bowman, Molly Benson, Celia Ford, Brigid Mulholland, Jacob Laas, Joseph Zenick, Emma Frank, Sarah Butchko, Will Ginter, Taylor Rubin, Meghan Simpson, Ryan McGovern, and Olivia Schrebler.

Then, on Saturday, July 10—Senior Day at Glenwood—the Tigers will compete against the Woodley Garden Waves at our team’s final home meet of the season and recognize the 2020 Glenwood graduates during halftime.

Watch for the meet lineup sent out by the coaches on Thursday, July 8, to find out if your swimmers are in the A-meet.

That’s all the news for now. Oh, the places you’ll go, Tigers!—Your Team Reps