July 3 Time Trial Results

Saturday our swimmers raced at their first sanctioned competition since November. This means that the results are official and can help swimmers qualify for competitions next swim season. All of the ‘unofficial’ racing we have done this year has been really beneficial for our swimmers, we’ve seen big improvements in results and our swimmers have built confidence in their racing ability. Saturday was also the first time that our swimmers have had the opportunity to race against swimmers from other clubs in 16 months! There were only seven visiting swimmers but it led to a more competitive atmosphere and some great racing!

It was great to welcome two new swimmers to the team as Ashley and Natalie raced in the time trial as their introduction to the Hurricanes! They both did a very good job of racing and we are very excited to have them join the team. We also had Ashton and Rafael racing for their first time with the team and they did a tremendous job racing!

A few meet highlights:
Henry broke a minute in the 100m Butterfly for the first time and had a great second half to improve his 200m Freestyle! Saige had a really strong 100m Breaststroke, racing out fast and holding on for a big best time! Garrick had great speed off the blocks in his 50m Freestyle! Ashton really swam his 200m Freestyle well, holding his splits throughout the race for a big best time! Tristan posted official times that will help qualify him for Provincial carding and rank him among the fastest swimmers in BC for his age! Ally really raced well in her 50m and 100m Freestyle to hit her best times officially, her 100m Freestyle was aggressive from the start and showed a lot of heart. Jessie raced a fantastic 100m Breaststroke improving her best time again this season! Rafael had incredible speed in the 50m Breaststroke and finished under a minute for the first time in his 100m Freestyle! Ryan finished his first 200m Individual Medley at a swim meet! Marcus had a great effort on the second half of his 200m Freestyle to improve his best time!  

Our younger swimmers were out of the water a bit heading into the meet but really did a good job of stepping up on the blocks and racing to official times. For many of them it was the first time they raced at a meet with another team in the building and they showed the experience they gained throughout the season by preparing for races well.

Summer training is here! A great time for swimmers to focus on their racing skills to gear up for our Swim Meet on July 17. Anyone who can make use of our camps or training should contact Brad to see what fits in your schedule.

100% Best Times
Ashton, Rafael, Ashley, Natalie, Ryan

New Team Records (from practices and the time trial)
14&under Boys
32.34 – 50m Breaststroke – Rafael Wang (was Tristan Govier 34.70 2021)
2:41.60 – 200m Breaststroke – Rafael Wang (was Tristan Govier 2:47.03 2021)
15&over Girls
32.92 – 50m Breaststroke – Jessica Strong (was Katie Bell 33.80 2010)
1:11.53 – 100m Breaststroke – Jessica Strong (was Jessica Strong 1:12.10 2021)
28.74 – 50m Butterfly – Jessica Strong (was Quincy Bender 28.85 2018)
2:25.86 – 200m Individual Medley – Jessica Strong (was Quincy Bender 2:26.01 2020)
15&over Boys
26.69 – 50m Backstroke – Tristan Govier (was Chris Ruus 26.97 2016)
25.68 – 50m Butterfly – Tristan Govier (was Colby Evans 25.86 2014)

New Time Standards (from practices and the time trial)

SwimBC Divisional Championships
Henry Brewster                 400m Freestyle  
Claire DeCoteau                200m Breaststroke
Brooke Johannson           50m Freestyle
Atria Zehtab                       100m Freestyle, 100m Backstroke

SwimBC Provincial Championships
Henry Brewster                 100m Butterfly
Stella Harris                        50m Breaststroke
Jessica Strong                    100m Butterfly, 200m Individual Medley