Group ABC - IMPORTANT! please read

For levels ABC only:

Very important: Tomorrow a.m. practice will be at Mt Miguel HS not Helix not West Hills. It will be 7:15 - 9 am, please show up at 7 to help remove covers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also we will not be at Helix next Tues. or Thur. AM. due to the broken pump - I'm not yet sure where we will be. I will keep you posted.

This paragraph is simply the details of why Saturday am practice was moved --twice,  because some parents and swimmers are always interested. If all you care about is "where and when do we practice Saturday", then you don't need to continue reading. We were originally told that our normal Saturday pool (Helix) would not be available on the 10th due to a HSA summer league meet, so back in June I scheduled it for West Hill instead..... Well the pump broke at Helix on Thursday, and the administrator who manages all of the pools is on vacation and didn't have all of her scheduling with her, and had forgotten that we had booked WHHS so she told HSA that they could move their summer league meet to WHHS (where we were already booked). Long story but because mt miguel is only available till 9 am (another group in at 9a.m.), we were the ones who had to move since HSA cannot finish their summer league meet prior to 9 am.


Coach Dave