Board of Directors Call for Candidates

Wellington Dolphins Swim Team Board of Directors (BOD) members are elected for a two-year term by the General Membership at the annual post-season Awards Banquet. In the case of a vacancy outside a general election, the Directors may appoint a Board Member to fill that vacancy until the next general election. Elections are by voice vote or cast ballot depending on the number of candidates running. Each family has one vote in the General Membership.

All BOD members are unpaid parent volunteers but recieve free registration for their children. If you are a Wellington Community Homeowner, or are interestd in improving the team, you are encouraged to consider serving on the Wellington Dolpins BOD.

Please click  HERE to find the 2021  BOD Nomination Form. Forms are due back by July 28th, and can be placed in the Woodward/Zezzo family folder. Bios can be sent as a separate attachment to [email protected].