Congrats to Lily Peterson & Grace Howe

 This past weekend we had 2 Sailfish swimmers, Grace Howe and Lily Peterson, go to the long course summer age group championship meet. There were 2 separate meets for the 11-12 and 13-14 age groups. The 11-12 championship was held at the Jenny Thompson pool in Dover and the 13-14 championship was held at Raco pool in Manchester. Both of these pools are 50 meter pools, more than double the length of the Y pool.
The Age Group meets are open to swimmers in all of New England who make the strict qualifying times so qualifying for an Age Group meet is quite an accomplishment! Like all USA swimming championship meets, they are held in a trials & finals format. This means that all of the qualifiers in an event swim that event in the morning, and then the fastest 18 or 24 (depending on how many lanes the pool has) return that evening for three heats of finals. If swimming against all of those talented swimmers isn’t stressful enough, the weather on Friday added a whole other level of stress with monsoon like rains and cold temperatures, at least in Manchester where I was. It was pretty much the same in Dover from what I understand, so conditions on Friday weren’t all that great.
Grace went to the 11-12 meet where she had qualified for 5 events, the 50 & 100 breaststroke, the 50 & 100 freestyle and the 50 backstroke. She swam to PRs in all of them except the 50 free (and she was close in that event) so hats off to Grace for good weekend of swimming! Especially since her 100 breast & 50 free events were on Friday in the pouring rain.
Lily went to the 13-14 championship meet where she had qualified for 4 events, the 100 & 200 breaststroke and the 100 & 200 freestyle. The weather really seemed to affect Lily on Friday, so her two events (100 breast & 200 free) were not up to her usual standard. She came roaring back on Sunday though and qualified for the C final in the 200 breaststroke. We have to find out what she had for lunch that day because when she came back in the evening to swim the finals, she dropped over 9 seconds from her morning qualifying time and got a PR in the 100 breast split on the way to that huge time drop. Way to go Lily!
Congratulations to both girls for their accomplishment in qualifying for Age Groups and for their strong swims at the meets.