Parent Information for Bill Rose Classic (JO's)

Hello Parents with Swimmers attending this weekend's Bill Rose Classic! I wanted to make sure you were all aware of some of the important details regarding the meet.

FIRST and most important! At this point in time, there will be NO spectators allowed on site, not inside or outside of the facility. Viewing is being offered via live streaming. There is an SNS board of directors meeting tomorrow evening (Tuesday, July 13) to discuss the possibilty of opening the deck to parents but as of this email it is a drop off only unless you are timing. If something changes we will be notified by Wednesday. 

In light of this, if anyone is interested in carpooling please let me know or connect with other famliies you know are going. I will also be sending a team pop up with Levi (possibly 2) for the swimmers to have a team area with shade at Folsom. Please let your swimmers know to look for the RST tent.

Finally, timing sign ups were up on TU this morning and at this time they have been filled for our team. However, if your swimmer is a "relay only" and you would like to split the timing shift on Thursday or Friday to time for the relays please let me know, both parents timing those days do not have swimmers in the relays and would be happy to split the time to give you an opportunity to be on deck and watch. 

More information will be going out soon. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

Michelle Bertrand